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A Brief History of the Cochrane & Co. Hair Salon

We opened the Cochrane & Co Hair Replacement back in 1996. It was the height of the recession, but we had a plan – and the perfect premises too, right here on Lamb’s Conduit Street. There’s a wonderful village feel about the Bloomsbury area, but at the same time it’s so close to the heart of London. That’s why we chose to base ourselves here.

hair salonThis area’s a hotspot of culture and fashion, also there’s a bespoke gentlemen’s tailor just down the street from us. There’s a high end fashion design studio, and a fashion photographer as well. Not so long ago, this was the stomping ground of Ray Petri and his famous ‘Buffalo’ movement; that swept through the fashion world in the 1980s.

What better place to situate a discerning hair salon?

Over the years, Lamb’s Conduit Street has grown to become a famous centre for men’s fashion and style. Here at Cochrane & Co., we’re proud to be a part of that story.


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