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The Story Behind the Cochrane & Co. Hair Replacement System

Here at the Cochrane & Co. Hair Salon, we offer a range of traditional hairdressing services. We’ll offer a cut and trim, blow-dry, highlights or lowlights. We’ll even provide a full consultation for a complete image rework! Perhaps our most popular services of all though, are our revolutionary hair replacement systems.

We are certified professionals in non-surgical hair replacement in London.

I’ve been a hairdresser for more than three decades and in all that time, I only ever saw one hair transplant that worked! Here’s the thing: when it comes to finding a cure for baldness, surgery is simply never the answer. The hair doesn’t always take, and the risk of permanent scarring is higher than you’d imagine.

So why risk it?

scissors and combThere are other solutions to hair loss, though – and it wouldn’t be long before I came across an effective non-surgical hair replacement solution.

Back in 1992, I was working with the son of a master wig maker from Zurich. Those wigs were fantastic – but the technology was dated, at least a century old, and so the wigs were hardly what we might have called fashionable at the time. They simply didn’t move, didn’t breathe… outdoor sports and other physical activities were out of the question.

That’s when my light-bulb moment came, however. We started experimenting with clip-in hair extensions as an alternative hair replacement system. These were officially launched at the World Hair Congress in 1996, and they were a hit – but I knew we could do better.

It was in 2010 that my next big discovery came – a hair replacement system that accurately tackled the problems of male pattern baldness, with a solution that was both breathable, and believable. This non-surgical hair replacement treatment with a membrane, designed in Germany, that gave users the freedom to wear and style their hair as they chose.

There was still room for improvement, though.

scissorsAs a hairdresser, I was very aware that these German hair replacement systems were slightly too dense – the hair too thick, and the available colours not all that flattering for the male complexion. So we experimented further, we worked with the manufacturers and the clients, to develop the ultimate hair replacement products.

We cracked it in 2015 – after 22 years of research into non-surgical, believable hair replacement systems. We called it SUPPLEMENTAIRE.

Our Supplementaire hair replacement systems combine the membranes we’d tried with actual, natural hairs. The result provides a realistic density, the perfect thickness, and allows us to cut, style, colour and even curl the hair to suit the wearer.

Supplementaire is breathable, it’s durable, it’s waterproof and suitable for all kinds of active, outdoor lifestyles! We worked with Ghost Bond to develop the scalp adhesives; and when treated right, this hair loss treatment will stay neatly in place for up to 13 weeks.

Finally, after a career of research and development, I’m proud to be able to offer discerning men an alternative for baldness they’ve been missing! Our hair replacement systems let you take your life back. Supplementaire is invisible and effective, it’s sports-friendly, fully styleable, and it never gets in your way.

If you’ve ever worried about hair loss, then you’re in luck… we’ve got a solution right here. Just give us a call, and let us tell you all about our revolutionary Supplementaire systems.

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