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Best Haircuts For Men To Rock in 2020

Before you get a new haircut, you should consider how much maintenance it will require – you need to choose one that fits into your lifestyle! Finding the right hairstylist is also a must. Professionals from Cochrane & Co, a hair replacement salon in London, will not only make you feel completely comfortable but will also offer bespoke hair care treatments especially for you.

Look at the best up and coming haircuts for men to rock in 2020 here…

Hairstyles 2020

The most popular men’s haircuts for 2020 range from the classic look to a hairstyle that’s tapered or undercut. There are numerous styles to choose from, and you can get a new look that suits your face shape with the help of the guide below:

Diamond – layered, high-volume styles including fringes, faux hawk, long slick back, or textures crop are all recommended.

Oblong – short haircuts such as crew or buzz cuts avoid making your face look even longer – if you want more volume on top, go for a comb-over or spikes.

Oval – you can go for a fade, undercut with a comb-over, a quiff, textured slick back, or spikes! Most hairstyles look great on oval faces.

Round – the best hairstyles for round faces include undercuts and high fades, fringes, side partings, and long comb-overs or slick backs.

Square – ranging from long to short haircuts, there’s plenty of versatility with this face shape. Opt for a longer style that adds volume to the top with a quiff, pomp, or messy crop, or go really short with a buzz or crew cut.

Triangle – to create symmetry medium length textured hairstyles on top like swept bangs, angular fringes, and quiffs are all great suggestions.

Hairstyles A-Z

Now you’ve determined what hairstyle suits your face shape the following information will let you know what the trends actually mean!

Buzz – achieved with clippers the hair all around the head is of the same length

Comb over – a vintage looking style where the hair is combed to one side

Crew – hair is tapered at the back and sides with a fade and is a very short hairstyle

Crop – hair is cut shorter at the back working with a short or long fringe down on the forehead

Fade – ultra-short on the sides making the hair on top look fuller and thicker

Faux hawk – the sides are clipped shorter than the strip of hair on your head and is still trending

Pomp – short for pompadour, where the hair is brushed up high from the forehead

Quiff – basically like the undercut featuring longer hair on top, especially at the front, with shorter hair at sides and back

Slick back – slicking back involves applying a product to give hair a sleek look as it’s combed back

Spikes – the latest trends have a natural, textured look with spiky hairstyles being soft and stylish

Swept bangs – bangs are strands of hair that fall over the front hairline to cover the forehead with side-swept bangs being slightly longer

Undercut – the sides and back are shaved and long hair slicked back on top

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