How Often Should I Wash My Hair System?

How often should you wash a hair system and what can you do to keep your new hair replacement system looking good for as long as possible?

Non-Surgical Hair Replacement Myths & Facts

Myths abound and it can be hard to separate current reality from out-of-date ideas when it comes to wearing a modern Men's Hair Replacement System.

What Are The Causes Of Male Pattern Baldness?

Male pattern baldness is the most common type of hair loss in men – and is related to your genes and sex hormones. When does male pattern baldness start?

How Long Do Hair Replacement Systems Last?

Choose the right hair replacement system and it can last for months without requiring some simple maintenance which can be carried out at home.

Best Hairstyles For Hair Systems

Check out the best hairstyles for men using our Hair Replacement System at Cochrane & Co Hair Replacement Studio in London Holborn.

Is Baldness Inherited From Mum Or Dad?

Is baldness inherited? Find out the causes of baldness & how you can disguise a bald head using C&C Hair Replacement Systems in London.

Wigs Or Hair Pieces – What To Choose?

Getting the right hair piece should involve you visiting a specialised hair salon like Cochrane & Co Hair Replacement experts in London.

Is Hair Replacement For Me?

What's stopping you from having a non-surgical hair replacement? Book a hair replacement consultation at Cochrane & Co in London today.

Hair Replacement Systems V Wigs

Advanced hair replacement systems lead the world when it comes to searching for a cure for baldness and thinning hair. Time to choose. Wigs v Hair Replacement...

6 Best Fixes For Male Hair Loss

Check out our 6 best hair loss solutions for men including non-surgical hair replacement, hair transplants, and medications designed to slow down hair loss.

Hair Replacement Summer Care

During warmer months hair systems can suffer from sweating, drying, & tangling. Check out our summer maintenance for your hair replacement system.

Common Hair Loss Conditions

Cochrane & Co Hair Replacement in London can help with your male hair loss, including the best hair replacement systems in the UK.