Why More Young Men Are Losing Their Hair

Premature hair loss in men is becoming increasingly common. Recent research has shown that Chinese youngsters in their 20s are going bald sooner than any previous generations. And a rising number of millennials in the USA say they’re also experiencing hair loss.

Is baldness more common today? The answer to this frequently asked question is yes. See why more men are losing their hair younger here…

Reasons for hair loss in men under 25

Alopecia: Alopecia is an autoimmune condition where the body actually attacks its hair follicles. Other autoimmune conditions related to alopecia include dermatomyositis causing skin inflammation and lupus where the body’s immune system attacks itself.

Alopecia can cause circular bald patches on the scalp or cause hair loss in the entire area. It can also cause eyebrows and other body hair to shed. Treatment for alopecia includes steroid medications and hair may resume growing but can return in the future as a result of various triggers.

Diet: The growing popularity of vegetarian and vegan diets can contribute to hair loss in young men. Nutritional deficiencies in zinc, iron, vitamin D, and protein have all been found to cause thinning hair. The increasing amount of sugar consumed can also cause a detrimental effect, as can diet foods and drinks.

Eating for a healthy hair should include eggs, berries, spinach, fatty fish, nuts, and seeds. Sweet potatoes and sweet peppers may also aid hair growth, and soybeans may also prolong the active phase of hair growth.

Hormones: Male pattern baldness is the most common type of hair loss and is a genetic and hormonal condition that's caused by an unbalanced level of dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a hormone derived from testosterone that shrinks hair follicles, and interrupts hair growth cycles.

Treatments include oral medications, medicated tropicals, and non-surgical hair replacement.

Stress: Stress can interrupt hair growth by moving hairs out of the growth or anagen phase prematurely, and this results in higher amounts of hair falling out. Information gathered from young adults shows that higher levels of stress are actually found in younger generations when compared to older ones.

This connection between age and stress can be magnified when issues are caused by loneliness, isolation, and feeling the need to maintain hair in the most popular styles. Excessive bleaching and dying can result in weakened hair follicles with the potential for more hair loss.

Lifestyle-related or oxidative stress is also known to cause male pattern baldness in young men. Starting university, regular lack of sleep and extreme exercise regimes all strain the body causing detrimental effects on the hair cycle growth.

Addressing the symptoms of hair loss

The sooner you get an expert opinion on the causes of your premature hair loss the less time you’ll have to worry. Proactively seeking help will ensure that you know the viable options available to you, and following a consultation, you’ll get a diagnosis and treatment recommendations.

Hair replacement in London is one of the options provided by specialists who understand the need to boost your confidence when you’re dealing with hair loss. You’ll get hair care treatments that are tailored to suit your individual needs and offer styling that makes you look and feel great.