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hair systems care tips

Hair System Aftercare

Thank you for choosing Cochrane & Co Salon for your new hair system! We want your system looking as good as the day you first had it fitted, in order to do so please read through this aftercare sheet carefully as it will ensure your system is properly looked after.

When you have left the salon please wait for 24-48hrs before washing your hair or resuming any activity that will cause you to sweat.

This means:

  • No gym
  • No swimming
  • No saunas/steam rooms
  • Avoid going out in heavy rain
  • No disco dancing/clubbing

It will take the full 24-48hrs for your system to be properly bonded, this means no fiddling with it until then, i.e. attempting to readjust your system in any way, lifting of it etc. Once the 24hrs is up your system is ready to go!!, you can resume normal activity and enjoy your new hair. The hair system will not come off as long as you stick to the guidelines above!

Washing of your Hair system.

Only wash 1-2 times per week. This is because the bond underneath is water-soluble, therefore if the system is washed more it can break down the bond quicker causing you more lifts of the system. If you wash the system once per week it will last longer.

When washing the system only use lukewarm water. Use a Stroking motion forward to back No scrubbing as this will cause tangles in the hair. Use good Sulfate-free deeply moisturizing shampoo. the hair system will not retain natural oils from the scalp therefore you need to put this back into the hair! (your stylist will recommend a good shampoo for you)


Blot dry hair before applying conditioner, comb the conditioner through with a vent brush then rinse out! You can apply a weekly treatment if you like to or every time if you wish. Once rinsed again blot dry and apply a drop of oil ( Argan oil, Moroccan oil etc) is all good products to use.

Styling of your Hair system.

Once the oil has been applied to the hair you can then use your Vent brush to comb the hair gently, be careful not to put too much force onto the hair system as you will not want to tear the system. Ensure you comb through all the tangles properly. You can use a hairdryer to dry your hair Medium heat or allow the hair to dry naturally. Best results will be from drying your hair system with a hairdryer in order to shape the hair into place. You can use straightening irons- but it is not advised as this will dry the hair and you will get less time out of your hair system.


Oils are the favourite choice for hair systems as they can easily be brushed out and do not put too much stress on the hair, however, if you want to use styling products you can use any of the following;

  • Lightweight gel
  • Lightweight Hairspray
  • Serum
  • Simple oil/ conditioner
  • Pomade
  • Lightweight Paste

Your hair will not get greasy, it will only get greasy from products you put into the hair. In the mornings you can spritz down your hair with water and style back into place but NO WASHING EVERYDAY.


After 4-5 weeks, 6 weeks max the bond would have broken down underneath and become looser and sticky, you will need to come back in for a service called a “rebond” this is where we will take the hair system off wash the system and apply a nice treatment, clean your scalp, trim any hairs that have grown underneath shape up your own hair to match with the system and reapply the system. Once this has been done again you must wait for 24-48hrs before resuming activity etc. your system should last approximately 3-4 months if you are good with it after then it will start to thin out naturally, this is normal and is not a cause for concern it simply means you are at the end of the longevity of your system and will need a new one- simply call the salon and we can order a new one for you!

Fixing a lift

How To Fix A Hair System Lift

Sometimes the system can lift a little bit in places, particularly the front hairline. Everyone’s scalp is different, some skin is more oily than others, some people go to the gym more often etc, therefore you will need to do a little touch up at home, there is nothing to worry about this is perfectly normal and simple to do (your stylist will go through how to do this on the day) things you will need;

  • coffee sticks
  • sectioning clips
  • hairdryer
  • ghost bond

Lift the hair system up slightly where you can feel a lift, section your own hair out of the way, apply a tiny amount of bond onto a coffee stick then apply directly to the system, dry where you have applied with cold air approximately 15 seconds until clear, then stick down, leave alone now for 24-48hrs to fully set, do not wash your hair.

If you have any further questions or queries please do not hesitate to contact the salon on
020 7405 7797.

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