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How Much Does A Hair System Cost?

What is a hair system? In basic terms, it’s a hairpiece of synthetic or quality human hair worn to cover an area of baldness. Often custom made to the needs of the consumer achieving the perfect match to hair colour, density, and texture, it’s the ideal non-surgical solution to hair loss.

How much does a hair system cost? Find out more here…

Hair replacement explained

Advanced hair replacement products combine a polyurethane membrane with real human hair to ensure lifelike results, and that is also extremely durable. Micro-thin artificial skin is implanted into the highest grade of human hair, with the entire system bonded to the scalp.

After an initial consultation, it may take six to eight weeks to custom make your hair system for you. The hairline at the front will be virtually invisible, and you will be able to shower, swim, and play sports as normal. On average you’ll get 15 weeks of wear before you need a bolster treatment to keep your system as good as new.

Intralace systems work by introducing a mesh between the existing hair and scalp. Intralace panels are added that also contain natural human hair – designed for women with moderate to severe hair loss or thinning. The Intralace system needs maintenance every six to eight weeks, and the Intralace hair system cost is on average £1000 to £2800 depending on the individual style.

The advantages of non-surgical hair replacement include:

  • Suitability for all
  • Non-invasive procedure
  • Instant results
  • Reversible process
  • Confirmed success
  • Low costs when compared to hair transplants

Hair replacement system cost

Depending on where you shop to purchase your hair system and if you choose ready-to-wear or customised, and if the coverage is partial or full – will all affect the price. A partial coverage hair system cost can be around £870 with full coverage options up to £1,200.

Non-surgical hair replacement price carried out by a high profile well-reputed salon will typically cost upwards of £200 for a stock or own system fit. There are various ways in which hairpieces can be attached to existing hair and these include bonding, beading, cabling, fusion, and weaving. Each technique will have a different price bracket.

Hair replacement system cost UK

Hair replacement in London from specialist salon Cochrane & Co will fall into the following price categories:

Hair system services

  • Supply, cut, fit and style of a new hair system – £579
  • Supply only – £350
  • Own hair system fit, cut and style – £250
  • Hair system refit and style – £175
  • Hair system cut and style – £55
  • Hair system colour – from £25

The refit and style service covers the removal of the system, cleaning, conditioning, and a re-cut of natural hair, taking around two hours. The cut and style option doesn’t include removal or cleaning of the hair system – just a cut and style of natural hair.

In conclusion

One of the greatest benefits of a hair replacement system is the non-invasive procedure without any risk of infection. With services tailored to suit your individual needs and immediate results the costs certainly provide value for money – and boosts your self-confidence knowing your hair looks great.

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