Our Heritage

A Brief History of Cochrane & Co in Holborn

Welcome to Cochrane & Co, a leading hair salon and non-surgical hair replacement specialist in London. Let us take you on a journey through our history, to how we became experts in providing the best hair replacement systems available today.

Our salon began in 1996, during the height of the recession. Despite the economic challenges, we opened in the heart of Bloomsbury, right here on Lamb’s Conduit Street. We chose this location because of its unique combination of village charm and proximity to the cultural hub of London.

Lamb’s Conduit Street has a rich history of men’s fashion and style, with bespoke tailors, fashion designers, and photographers in the area. It was once home to Ray Petri and his famous ‘Buffalo’ movement, which swept through the fashion world in the 1980s. We saw an opportunity to establish ourselves as a discerning hair salon in this fashionable location. We’re proud to be a part of this story.

Love, Grease and Hair Peace.

The Story Behind The Cochrane & Co Hair Replacement System

At Cochrane & Co, we offer a range of traditional hairdressing services, including cuts, trims, blow-drys, and colour treatments. However, our most popular services are our revolutionary hair replacement systems. As certified professionals in non-surgical hair replacement in London, we’ve seen first-hand how surgery is often not the answer when it comes to finding a cure for baldness. The hair doesn’t always take, and the risk of permanent scarring is higher than you’d imagine. That’s why we offer an effective non-surgical hair replacement solution.

Our journey to discover the perfect hair replacement system began in 1989 when we started working with the son of a master wig maker from Zürich. Although the wigs were fantastic, the technology was dated and not very fashionable. We then started experimenting with clip-in hair extensions as an alternative hair replacement system. We launched these officially at the World Hair Congress in 1996, but we knew we could do better.

In 2010, we made our next big discovery – a hair replacement system that accurately tackled the problems of male pattern baldness with a believable solution. This non-surgical hair replacement treatment with a membrane was designed in Germany and gave users the freedom to wear and style their hair as they chose.

Cochrane & Co C&C Hair Replacement Systems

Despite our discovery, we were not completely satisfied with the design of the German hair replacement systems. We continued to experiment and work with the manufacturers and clients to develop the ultimate hair replacement systems. After 25 years of research into non-surgical, believable hair replacement systems, we launched our own range of branded C&C hair systems. 

Our C&C hair replacement systems combine the best membrane materials and top quality natural hair. The result is a realistic look with perfect hair density that allows us to cut, style, colour and even curl the hair to suit the wearer. C&C systems are durable, waterproof and suitable for all kinds of active, outdoor lifestyles. We continually develop our hair systems based on feedback from our clients in search of the perfect hair loss treatment solution. 

We’re proud to offer discerning men an alternative to baldness with our hair replacement systems. C&C hair system are undetectable, effective, sports-friendly, easy to style, and it never gets in your way. If you’re worried about hair loss, we’ve got a solution right here. Contact us today to find out more about our revolutionary hair systems.

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