Hair Systems For Men

Boost Your Confidence With A Hair Replacement System

Losing your hair can knock your confidence, so if you've had enough of hair loss, it's time to try our natural-looking, undetectable hair systems for men. 

We offer our own range of branded C&C hair systems which are high quality, durable and affordable.  Your hair system will have perfect hair density that allows us to cut, style, colour, and even curl the hair to suit you. 

In fact, we're confident no-one will be able to tell you are wearing a hair system and you can go about your usual daily routine and be as active as you wish.  You can shower, swim, exercise, work, and sleep as normal without fear of your hair shifting.  Your system will last on average 15 weeks before it needs refitting which you can do yourself. 

We continually develop our hair systems based on feedback from clients who are in search of the perfect hair loss solution. At our hair replacement clinic in London, we offer discerning gentlemen an alternative to baldness. Our systems are great for men with a receding hairline, male pattern baldness, or who have undergone hair transplant surgery.

If you’re worried about hair loss, we have a solution right here. Contact us today to find out more.

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Please note:  Our hair replacement clinic consultations are detailed so we ask for a £25 deposit prior to your consultation. However, we give you this back as a credit if you then decide to go ahead with a new hair system.

Sleep In It

Wear it 24 hours a day. Sleep in it!sleep in it

Shower In It

No issues with wet hair!

shower in hair system for men

Swim In It

Be as active as you wish.  Go for a swim in it!

water proof hair systems for men

Exercise In It

Exercise:  lift weights, run, do yoga.  

exercising wearing a hair system

FAQs About Men's Hair Systems

How long do hair replacement systems last?


On average our clients replace their system every 3-4 months but some last much longer. How long your new hair lasts depends on how much and how often you sweat, your exercise regime, and how you look after your hair. We encourage customers to regularly remove and reapply the system themselves and give you the know-how and tools to do this.

Am I suitable for a men's hair replacement system?


Your first step is to book a consultation at Cochrane & Co Hair Replacement in Holborn, London.  We are passionate about what we do. If you are not a suitable candidate for hair replacement I will tell you.  We are completely upfront and honest and will not oversell what we do.  Having said that, if you are a suitable candidate, this is life-changing for many of our customers.

What are men’s hair systems?


Men's hair systems are effective, non-surgical solutions for male hair loss. We weave premium quality human hair onto a polyskin or lace base and gently affix it to the scalp using a hypo-allergenic, medical-grade bond or tape.

How long do hair replacement systems last?


Hair systems last between 3-4 months depending on maintenance and care. Our hair system technicians give clients comprehensive aftercare tips to ensure longevity. We also encourage clients to regularly remove the hair system and cleanse their scalp. We will show you how to do this expertly.

Is hair replacement for men detectable?


No. Men’s hair systems look completely natural, creating a discreet and undetectable look. Since we use human hair and style the hair system according to your face shape and style preferences, the systems look like your natural hair.

Are hair systems comfortable?


Hair systems are lightweight and securely fixed to your scalp with hypo-allergenic bonds. You can continue with life as normal without any discomfort or pain.


Are hair replacement systems safe?


Yes. Hair replacement systems are completely safe. We have many happy return clients who have had hair systems for years. We use gentle, breathable materials and adhesives to ensure that you are totally comfortable. If you're looking for safe and hygienic hair systems for men in London, reach out to our expert team and book a consultation.

Why do you use Indian hair?


We use Indian hair in our system because of its strength, texture and the suitability to our clients. This hair represents the best blend between cost, comfort and longevity.

We’ve learned that there are some serious allegations about the harvesting of hair from ethnic Uyghur women who have been incarcerated by the Chinese government. These women, who keep their hair long because of their cultural traditions, are having their heads shaved when they are placed in detention centers (called Education Centers). Their hair is given to other inmates who, in forced labour situations, turn the hair into hairpieces to be exported to western countries.

Cochrane & Co is committed to using only ethically-sourced hair weaves and hairpieces. We monitor our supply chain and will continue to monitor the supplies we get to ensure that we are not unwittingly contributing to a human rights violation which is why we also use ethically sourced Indian hair.

Can I swim in a hair replacement system?


Yes, you can swim with your hair system however, the chlorine in the water will break down the bond and fade the colour quicker.

Therefore, if you are regularly swimming for exercise, we recommend wearing two swimming hats to protect the colour and condition of your hair system.

Do hair replacement systems work?


Yes. Thousands of men across the UK and beyond are more than happy with their hair replacement systems. They look completely natural and add brilliant texture, length, and volume to hair. They boost confidence by giving men a full head of hair.

Are hair systems better than hair transplants?


Men’s hair systems offer a non-surgical, pain-free alternative to hair transplant surgeries. Hair transplants can cause a significant amount of pain, cost a great deal, and are not always successful. Hair systems are more cost-effective, have zero downtime, and achieve transformative results.

Can I shower with my hair system?


Yes. Hair systems are waterproof, meaning that you can shower and swim with ease. We’ll advise you on the best hair care products to use when washing and styling your hair to ensure longer-lasting results.

Can I exercise with my hair system?


Yes. Many of our clients are sports enthusiasts. Your hair system is securely fixed in place enabling you to live life as usual and enjoy sporting activities.

Can I sleep in my hair system?


Yes. You can sleep in your hair system and live life as normal. When you wake up, you simply style your hair system for the day and enjoy the benefits of a full, thick head of hair.

Can hair systems hide male pattern balding?


Yes. Hair systems can effectively hide male hair loss and add extra length, volume, and body to your hair. Our hair replacement systems for men are incredibly discreet.

Where do you source human hair?


Our human hair is ethically sourced in India where people donate their hair to holy temples. Proceeds from the sale of the hair go towards maintaining the temples and supporting the monks. Indian hair is usually ‘virgin’ hair. This means that it's had no prior bleaching or chemical treatments. The hair we use for our men's hair systems embodies optimal quality, health, and strength.

How do you sort the hair?


Once we have collected the hair, we sort it according to length, colour, thickness, type, and density. This is an important step in crafting professional, natural-looking men’s hair systems in London.


How do you assemble the hair system?


Once the hair has been properly sorted, it’s time to assemble the hair systems. We expertly sew the hair strands onto lace or polyskin membranes to ensure that strands are firmly affixed to the base. These systems can be standard or customised depending on your unique needs.

How do you apply the hair system?


After an in-depth consult, it’s time to fit your men’s hair system. Firstly, we will shave the thinning hair and apply a hypoallergenic bonding solution to the area. Next, we will carefully fit the hair system, ensuring total precision. Finally, we cut and style it to your specific requirements.

What if I am unhappy with my hair system?


We strive to give each client exactly what they want and that’s why we believe in the importance of our in-depth consultation service. Hair replacement for men is a hugely personal issue and we work with clients to achieve a natural look that they love. If you are unhappy for any reason, we can restyle your hair system to a look that makes you look and feel great.


Should I tell people I'm wearing a hair system?


This is a completely personal decision. Since our men's hair systems are so discreet, no one will be able to know that you're wearing one unless you tell them.

What To Expect 

Your journey to having a full head could not be easier!  Start by booking a consultation where we can explain everything to you and answer all your questions. Once you decide to go ahead there are four simple steps...

Step 1:   We will wash your hair & scalp and shave the area ready to receive the new hair
Step 2:  We will add a bonding agent to your scalp
Step 3:  We will carefully apply your hair system
Step 4:  We will cut and style to your preferred hairstyle.

The hair we used has been freely donated by people in India who hope to receive blessings and support monks in the local temples. Indian hair is considered some of the best in the world. It is treated and then sorted according to colour, length, thickness, and other characteristics.   


hair replacement systems in London at Cochrane & Co in Holborn

15 Weeks Of Great Hair

If you're experiencing male pattern baldness, our hair replacement systems are the ultimate solution. We use micro-thin artificial skin embedded with top-quality human hair to create a seamless look.

Our system gently adheres to the scalp, providing up to 15 weeks of wear, with proper care. You won't even notice the virtually invisible hairline at the front, and you can style your new hair any way you like.

This makes it perfect for active individuals who play sports, swim, or go to the gym.  You can even shower in your new hair system.  

Finding The Right Hair System For You

At Cochrane & Co in London, we take an honest approach to hair replacement services to ensure you receive a solution tailored to your needs. Achieving a natural, believable look is key, and we prioritise colour matching and versatile styling options. Hair replacement can be quick, painless, and undetectable when you work with us. 

Our reliable and affordable hair replacement system is easy to maintain. We also provide clear advice in a friendly and supportive environment as well as online and phone support between visits.

Paul Cochrane, our London Hair Replacement Specialist and salon owner, has spent his career perfecting our hair replacement systems. With his expert styling, you'll enjoy authentic, unique styles that replace hair loss and baldness. 

hair replacement systems in London at Cochrane & Co in Holborn

Hair That Looks Realistic & Natural 

By combining a Polyurethane PU membrane base with real human hair, our advanced hair replacement systems offer a natural-looking, comfortable and long-lasting solution.  We offer six different men's hair systems as well as a bespoke option, plus you can choose to have your hair supplied & fitted by us or you can simply buy the system.

Prices start at £349 for our C&C Standard Thin Skin System which has a slight wave for a natural look. We also offer lace systems and a combination ultra-thin polyskin bonded base and lace system.   If it all sounds rather confusing, book a consultation so we can help you make the right choice for you.  

Find out more about our Hair System Products.


Looking After Your Hair System

Just like you, we want your new hair to look great for as long as possible which is why provide aftercare instructions to help you maintain your system... and we are also just a phone call away if you need our support.  Here are our top tips to keep your system looking fresh:

  • Wait 24-48 hours before getting your hair wet (so, no hair washing, standing in the rain, or sweaty activities!)
  • Do not readjust, lift or fiddle with your hair for the first 24-48hours (the bonding agent needs to set properly so it is completely secure)
  • After 48 hours have passed, wash your hair only once a week and be gentle with it
  • Dry wet hair with a hairdryer on medium heat or let it dry naturally
  • Invest in some specialist hair system products such as bonds, adhesives, scalp protectors, sulphate-free shampoos, conditioners, serums, oils (we sell them at Cochrane & Co)
  • If it feels loose, book in for a refit service. Your hair should last approximately 15 weeks before you will need to book in again.
mens hair systems in London
mens hair replacement systems in London

Cutting, Styling & Colouring You Hair System

We have people from across the world visiting us to have new hair fitted, cut, styled, coloured or even permed, with all our stylists experienced in working with hair systems for men.

CUTTING: Our hair cutting services begin with a consultation and include cleansing, cutting, styling and finishing. We know how important hair is for our clients and we always strive to meet your expectations.

COLOURING: Our colouring services for hair replacement systems include an extensive list of looks and styles to choose from. You could go for a permanent colour, or spice up your style with semi-permanent tones. We provide highlights and lowlights, as well as effective grey cover-up treatments.

BLOW DRYING: A professional blow-dry gives you maximum impact and control over your look. We offer a range of advanced heat styling techniques – tongs for curls, or irons for silky, straight locks – leading to endless looks for men.

PERMING: We can even perm your new hair system for you if you would like a curly hair system.

How Much Do Men's Hair Systems Cost?

We offer a variety of hair systems which means we can always find a look to suit you.  Men's hair systems can be:

  • bought, cut, fitted and styled by us (prices from £599, with different options available)
  • your own system that is cut, fit and styled by us (£299)
  • bought from us and fitted elsewhere (our men's hair systems for supply only start at £349)
  • made to order (book a consultation so we can discuss your requirements and provide a quote)
  • refitted and styled including cleaning & conditioning the system, cutting & styling your natural hair (£75)
  • coloured by us from £35.

Our C&C hair systems are available with different lengths, hair types, base types and thickness, and can be fitted using hypo-allergenic bonding agent or tape, depending on which system you choose. The hair will be cut& styled, and can also be coloured to match your natural hair so it blends perfect.  We can also perm your hair system, if you wish.

We know it can all sound rather daunting, so please book a consultation and we can show you our hair systems and discuss the best option for your needs. 

mens hair replacement systems in London


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Book A Consultation at Cochrane & Co In London

If you’re battling against hair loss or are losing confidence due to the onset of baldness, we are here to help. Drop by our hair replacement clinic on Lamb’s Conduit Street or contact us for a chat in confidence.  Call 020 7405 7797 to book a consultation or book online.

Please note:  We charge £25 for a hair replacement consultation as this is a detailed appointment where we can explore the best options to disguise your hair loss.