35 reviews with an average rating of 5.00
ArEk Prosiński
I’ve been to different salons, but Cochrane & Co is the one I stayed with. It’s the haircut, it’s the team, the atmosphere.
Paula Dyer
Professional and give great advice.
Imran Safvi
I would absolutely recommend this salon for everyone! Paul is fantastic and I have been visiting this salon for 7 odd years with great results every time.
Jonny Mayne
Game changer. Cochrane & Co are the best around. I travel 3 hours each way to Cochrane just because I know I'm in the best hands.
Kevin 'Bobby' Bull
Been going here for years! Great team and service! Highly recommend
Pauline Albrod
Been going to Cochrane & Co for calligraphy cuts and loved the results. Moreover, I’ve been baffled who has hair and who hasn’t got hair, I could never tell who was wearing a hair system
Jules Carpanen
Excellent stylists and expert advice
Nick Jameson
In my opinion Cochrane & Co are the leading providers of male hair systems in London. They have been offering this service for around 10 years and have honed their craft during that time. Unlike many other providers the service is genuine, personal and friendly. They really care about getting it right and will tell you if something is not going to work for you rather than just trying to sell you something.
Mr Shah
Best place to go to for hair replacement, professional and good quality systems!! Highly recommended!!
Henry J.
The hair replacement system form Cochrane & Co really helped me cope with my hair loss. The system is comfortable, easy to maintain and makes me feel like I have my real hair back, which is in itself a great confidence booster. I highly recommend them if you’re suffering from hair loss.
Hank Wobley
Most professional hair replacement service in London! Highly recommend.
Rune Sovndahl
Paul has become a personal friend, it's always great to have a coffee and a haircut, and with a difficult hair like mine, I only trust Paul to cut it.
Spencer J.
Highly recommend hair replacement systems for anyone struggling with hair loss! Very efficient solution, not that hard to maintain (as it seems in the beginning). Also, Paul is amazing and highly experienced! Very nice person, the right one to trust.
Jennifer Norris
I think that Cochrane & Co is one of the finest hair salons in London. Highly recommend! Very lovely and professional staff!
Harvey Owens
Highly recommend Cochrane & Co! Very professional and cool guys.. really one of the best in UK!
Emily Clayton
Very honest and professional. Highly recommend!
Bethany Thornton
Hair loss is a hard subject to discuss, especially for women... Paul is amazing and I highly recommend his salon. Their hair systems are high quality and could solve many personal issues like mine. Thanks again!
Andre Rebello
It was a life change! I feel much more confident now and I recommend to anyone Cochrane & Co for hair replacement, you will not be disappointed, they are the best!
Chris Tylor
Changed my life!!! I cannot express enough just how grateful I am that I decided to receive a non-surgical hair replacement. I had no idea just how much this would impact my life in a positive way and I just want to give tons of thanks to Cochrane & Co. Before making this decision I already had a very successful career in car sales and now I have taken it to another level. In my job looking good is one of the most important things to succeed. I feel and look so young again and amazing!
Morgan A.
Paul is the most amazing person and hairdresser! He made me realise that non surgical hair replacement is a great opportunity and he was right!! Highly recommend Cochrane & Co. They do the best hair systems in UK