Cutting & Styling Your Hair System

Cutting, Styling & Colouring Your Hair Replacement System

At Cochrane & Co in London, our heritage is in traditional cutting, styling and colouring which is why we know what will work best on your hair replacement system.

We offer a friendly, professional, and expert approach to all our clients - whether you want a great haircut or want to disguise a bald spot with a new head of hair.  We will put time and care into bringing your vision to life because the right hairstyle should be able to speak for you.

To help us get to know who you are and what image you would like to project, we build a full consultation into every appointment.

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Making Your Hair System Look Good - FAQs 

Do I have to shave my head to wear a hair replacement system?


We will shave the part of the head where the hair replacement system is added.  We try to work with your natural hair so we can blend the hair replacement around your existing hair for a natural look.

Can I meet someone who has a men's hair replacement system?


Yes indeed. There is no problem at all about that, just give us a call and we can arrange that to happen.  A lot of our guys are very proud of their hair systems and there is a sort of brotherhood among people who wear the systems and the people who fit them, and that works out quite well, you’d be surprised.

How short can my hair system be?


As a guide, the shortest style length we can achieve for a natural look is a number 4 or 5 clipper cut length.


How often should I adjust my new hair


We advise that our clients adjust their hair systems every 2-4 weeks and properly cleanse the scalp. If you’re more active, you might want to do this more regularly. You are welcome to pop into the salon for a refit service or our technicians can show you how to do it yourself.

Will my hair system match my natural hair colour?


Absolutely!  As experienced hairdressers, we can precisely match your hair system to your natural hair colour. We will colour the system and also cut and style it to ensure it looks natural and realistic.

Can you perm my hair system?


Yes, we can cut, colour, perm and style your hair to precisely the look you desire.  We also are experts in the Calligraphy Cut which is a special way of cutting curly hair to ensure it sits beautifully.  Cutting and styling curly hair is an art which we have perfected at Hair Replacement London.

Will my hair colour fade?


Mostly no, unless you’re in excessive sun or if you use a shampoo with salt in it. We recommend a sulfate-free shampoo to prolong the health of your new hair.

Can I style my hair replacement differently?


You can style your hair in any way you like. We usually cut your new hair on a bisection, which means you can put a parting on the left hand side, the center or the right hand side. You can wear it back, you can wear it forward. It depends on your style, but we like to give you versatility in your hairstyles, so you can adapt it.

What colours are available for hair systems?


Our Cochrane & Co colour and style experts will expertly colour match your hair system to your own hair colour. We have a wide range of colours available and can always tailor-make a unique colour for your needs. We can also confidently cover greys.

Can I wash my hair unit after I leave the salon?


You’ll need to wait 48 hours before washing your hair replacement system or getting it wet. This includes any strenuous exercise that makes you sweat. After 48 hours, you can continue life as normal and resume all these activities.

Can I blow dry my hair system?


Yes. You can gently blow dry your hair system on cool or medium heat. Hair dryers work well for styling your hair.

Can I straighten my hair system?


Hair straighteners can knacker the hair over time, reducing the hair system's lifespan. While you can use a straightening iron, it’s best to avoid them if possible to maintain the quality and health of the hair.


Can I change my hair piece colour or style?


Yes, our hair replacement systems are fully customisable, allowing you to change the style and colour to match your preferences. Whether you prefer a classic look or want to try something new, we've got you covered.

How often should I wash my hair system?


We recommend that you only wash your hair system once a week to ensure longer-lasting results. Washing your hair system too often can cause the bond to break down. When washing your hair system, use lukewarm water and gentle stroking motions rather than vigorous scrubbing.

What products should I use?


We suggest that you use deeply nourishing, sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners. Our stylists will recommend a range of products including the Nake Hydrate or Nake Nourish shampoo and conditioners. After washing your hair, you can apply a small drop of Alaparf Smoothing Oil.

Can I brush my hair system?


Yes, you can carefully brush your men’s hair system with vent brushes or combs. Ensure that you brush gently to avoid tearing the base layer.

What happens when the bond breaks down?


Bonds usually break down within 2-4 weeks. During this time, the hair system will feel loser and the bond will feel sticker. When this occurs, you’ll need to pop in for a refit service or refit it yourself using our guidance.

How will I know how to do touch-ups on my hair system?


Our experienced stylists at Cochrane & co will teach you everything you need to know about touching up your hair system. We will go through the tools that you need and show you how to quickly and effectively adjust the hair system when needed.


Matching Your Colour

A good haircut with the right colour makes a world of difference. Hair colour frames the face, complimenting your natural complexion and presenting a bold and individual appearance to the world. 

When cutting and colouring your hair replacement system, we have an eye for detail which means we can perfectly match your system to your natural hair or create a bolder look - depending on your wishes.  As you age, your hair colour is likely to change, perhaps showing some silver or grey.  We offer a wide range of systems with grey hair blended into them. This can be 10% to 80% grey mixed with your natural colour.

If you feel this is ageing you before your time, we can cover your silver tones, especially if you feel this is ruining the effect of your hair system. 

We will also provide you with aftercare and tips to help you keep your system looking true to shade for as long as possible.

Please note:  You will need to pop in for a quick allergy alert test 48 hours before your colour appointment which allows us to check for any sensitivities you may have with our colour products.   

Men's Haircuts For Hair Systems in London
Hair systems at Cochrane & Co London

Curly Looks For Gents

While some of our hair replacement systems have a natural wave, you may desire a curlier look which is why we will be delighted to perm your new hair system and/or natural hair.  Do not worry, the perm will not damage your hair system in any way. 

We are also specialists in cutting curls and waves.  There are many different types of curl so it's important to work with the movement of your waves!  That's why we always recommend you have a Calligraphy Cut - a special cutting technique that allows us to add graduation and layers in a unique way so your curls sit beautifully.  

The Calligraphy Cut works well on men's hair systems as well as natural and permed locks.

Cutting Your Hair System

Our barbers and stylists can cut and shape your hair system into just about any style you desire and we will make sure we understand your requirements during your consultation. 

Because we are experts in creating and styling men's systems, we have developed a unique cutting technique called The Calligraphy Cut that works with the hair's natural pattern.

The Calligraphy razor helps us to add graduation and layers as we cut the hair at a particular angle (21 degrees to be exact) which makes it look more full.

We will also cut, texturise and shape your hair system so it blends and flows with your natural growth, to give a natural end result. 

Hair Cuts For Hair Loss - Calligraphy Cuts in London
Hair Cuts For Hair Loss - Calligraphy Cuts in London

Specialist Products

We use high-quality specialist hair system products designed to firmly secure your system. Our range includes tapes, adhesives, and scalp protectors as well as styling products - all designed to help you maintain your look and keep it firmly affixed. 

With our products, your hair system will be so secure that you can sleep, exercise, shower, and even swim without worry!

Additionally, we'll provide you with the know-how to reapply your hair system at home, ensuring you always feel confident and secure in your appearance.