6 Best Fixes For Male Hair Loss


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best hair loss solutions for men at Cochrane Co Hair Replacement London

Not only are you not alone, you’re in the majority. One in four men experience male pattern baldness before the age of 30 and by 50 there’s an eighty-five percent chance of major hair thinning. It doesn’t mean you have to like it or learn to accept it though. In fact, the twenty-first-century man who wants to fight hair loss has more choices open to him than have ever been available before. Here are the six of the best fixes for male hair loss.

Medications to Prevent Hair Loss

1) Finasteride – Marketed as Propecia and available on prescription only in the UK. It slows down hair loss, and some men have reported regrowth while taking it. On the downside, if you stop taking the tablets the hair loss will resume. Side effects are rare but can include loss of libido and erectile dysfunction.

2) Minoxidil – Minoxidil is used as a topical solution, available as a liquid, aerosol or foam. Unlike Finasteride you don’t need a prescription to it. Again, it only works for as long as it’s being used, so it’s a management strategy, not a cure.

3) Ketoconazole – In the UK this is not licensed to prevent or slow down hair loss, in the USA it is. It’s considered to be less effective than either of the other two medications but may be used in conjunction with them. In the UK, Ketoconazole is marketed as an anti-dandruff shampoo, and the most popular brand name is Nizoral.

Hair Replacement For Men

4) Hair replacement – Non-surgical hair replacement today is a very different proposition from the bad toupees or worse wigs of the past. A contemporary hair system is made of real hair, supported on a thin cap which is bonded to the scalp. You can sleep, shower or swim in it and the only person who’ll know you’re wearing it is you.

5) Hair transplant – Healthy hair is taken from the side and back of the head and transplanted onto the top. You may need several treatments and hair transplants can only be done while you have hair to transplant from. It takes about 6 months to see the full benefits of a hair transplant.

6) Laser light therapy – Low-level laser light is used to stimulate hair growth. This is a treatment that’s still in its early stages of development. It appears to work for some people but not all and is only effective in early thinning. It could take up to 26 weeks to see hair regrowth.

The Best Hair Loss Solution For Gents

Of course, the best hair loss solution for men varies with the individual.  But, overall, non-surgical hair replacement is the most flexible solution. There’s no risk of side effects, it’s painless and fast. Book a non-surgical hair replacement consultation at Cochrane & Co Hair Replacement in London by calling 020 7405 7797.