9 Celebrity Hair Transplants

9 Celebrity Hair Transplants You Might Not Know About - Hair Replacement At Cochrane & Co Salon in London Holborn

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 Losing a little length up top? Being in the limelight seems to compel many famous people to take action when they’re faced with hair loss. There’s only one weird thing - many of them seem to have a problem admitting what they’ve done.

We don’t see what there is to be ashamed about. Unless you messed up your follicles for a ridiculous movie role, why be embarrassed to do something that’s so good for your self-esteem? Especially when it can often have a stunning turnaround effect on your career too…

Some of these celebrities dropped right off of the map while they were simultaneously dropping locks. Then, as soon as their hair started making a reappearance, so did the movie roles.

We’re not saying that the two are related, but…

Celebrities With Secret Hair Transplants

Kevin Costner: Balding as recently as 2007, Mr Costner definitely seems to have had some kind of hair replacement. It’s actually worked really well for the Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves and Waterworld star. (We know he’s been in a bunch of films since then, but these are Kevin Costner career highlights as far as we’re concerned!)

Check him out in Criminal (2016) and you’ll see a man rocking a much younger look thanks to effective hair replacement.

Matthew McConaughey: Matthew McConaughey possessed a full head of hair when he was named Sexiest Man Alive in 2005, but it was only six or seven years before that that he was looking remarkably more sparse on top. Hair transplant? Vast dietary improvements? No-one seems to know!

Bono: For a man as much in the public eye as Bono, significant hair loss – particularly around the temples – apparently wasn’t something the U2 singer could live with. To tidy things up, he’s clearly had a pretty effective treatment performed.

If you’re wondering which hidden celebrity had a hair transplant, Bono probably won’t be a surprise to you though – especially if you check out any photos of him in U2’s heyday compared to now.

John Travolta: John Travolta’s misguided transplant attempts are examples of when a different hair replacement system might have been a better solution. The legendary actor seems to have tried several different ways to recreate the long, luscious locks he sported during the Pulp Fiction era. Alas for the star, none seem to have quite worked out as well as intended.

Jamie Foxx: The talented Ray actor probably didn’t need to become one of the many celebrities with hair transplants, but there’s still a pretty obvious difference between his hairline now, and his hairline in the early 2000s.

Jeremy Piven: This is one of the more stunningly effective hair transplants we’ve seen. Compare photos of Jeremy Piven on Seinfeld with a more recent snap, and you’ll see a man whose hair has reappeared with quite miraculous tenacity.

Combined with him being in even better shape these days, he seems to have actually aged backwards!

Jason Alexander: Another Seinfeld star who’s had a stunning reverse of follicle form, Jason Alexander – once renowned as a balding comic actor – now has a great-looking head of hair.

If you contrast older shots taken in his Seinfeld years with a modern photo, it’s quite startling. But unlike a lot of celebrities on this list, Mr Alexander has outright owned up to getting hair transplant work done. Good on you, Jason.

Sir Elton John: Allegedly one of the first celebrity hair transplants, Sir Elton had his work on top done long enough ago that everyone’s pretty much forgotten those weren’t his original bangs. No longer possessing mad wisps flying around like a Candle in the Wind (sorry…), Sir Elton’s signature red hair looks good for a man of his age.

David Beckham: Famous for having great hair – as well as for being one of the most attractive men alive in some circles – a receding hairline must have come as a shock to a still young David Beckham. Rumours that he’s had a hair transplant of some kind abound – he’s certainly sporting a full head of hair today.