Hair Care For Teenage Guys

The Best Hair Care Routine For Teenage Guys from London's Hair Experts

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There’s an entire range of different hair care techniques to avoid common hair problems. You need to take into account whether your hair is dry or oily, straight or curly and if hormones are making taking care of your hair a struggle. Want to know the best hair care routine for teenage guys? Take a look…

Daily hair care routine

Eat healthily

Healthy hair comes from watching what you eat. A diet high in fat and sugar content isn’t advisable. You should opt for plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables providing you with all the necessary vitamins and minerals your hair needs to grow strong.

Sleep well

You may find it a challenge to go to bed at a reasonable time but continually staying up late and not getting quality sleep will ultimately affect hair growth and shine.

Get regular trims

Hair can go through drastic changes during puberty so having a regular six-weekly trim will help you manage your hair, and let you get advice from your stylist on which hair products to use.

Keep your scalp clean

A scalp that isn’t cleaned regularly can be prone to inflammation and bacterial infection which affects the hair follicles. Bear in mind that excessively washing your hair can strip away protective oils, so simply wash as often as your hair type needs. Tea tree oil has strong antiseptic and antifungal properties and can be used weekly until any dryness disappears.

Avoid scalp massage

Massaging the scalp stimulates the sebaceous glands and increases oils. Daily washing can make this problem worse in teenagers with an abundance of extra oils already! Choosing the most suitable shampoo for your hair type should alleviate any oily scalp issues.

Choose the right products

Avoid styling products that give a strong hold. Opt for soft gels that give hair more flexibility and regularly use shampoos and conditioners that keep hair hydrated. Leave-in spray conditioners are ideal for super fine hair textures and deep conditioning masks suit coarser hair types.

Protect your hair

Wear a swimming cap in the pool or sea, and protect your hair from the sun with a cap or hat. Use a hairdryer with a low setting, and limit styling treatments such as bleaching and dying to just twice a year.

Hair loss during teenage years

Daily hair care routine for hair fall includes all the above recommendations but keep in mind that a significant increase in hair loss may need you to seek advice from a hair care professional.

Hair loss is becoming increasingly common in teenagers due to stress, lifestyle choices, and hereditary male pattern baldness, and can be extremely difficult to cope with. However, there are many positive treatment options available that primarily stop hair loss and encourage secondary gain of hair regrowth. Or you can consider non-surgical hair replacement options.

And finally…

Did you know that stylists from Cochrane& Co in London Holborn can provide you with all the treatments and tips you need for your hair care following non-surgical hair replacement? You’ll get advice on washing and styling, and which products to use alongside maintenance and fixing any hair system lifts. You’ll quickly learn how to keep your hair looking great!