Best Haircuts For Receding Hairlines

Best Haircuts For Receding Hairlines & Thinning Hair 

Men's Hair Ideas from the Hair Replacement Experts in London Holborn


A receding hairline can start to develop in men with the process usually beginning above the temples – moving back across the top of the head. This can lead to a ring of hair around a bare scalp, or hair in the middle staying closer to the forehead forming V-shaped hair growth.

Whatever the reason for this hair loss it can cause a lack of self-esteem and confidence. The good news is with the right hairstyle hair loss is easy to conceal. Look at a range of men’s receding haircuts here…

The Buzz Cut and Fade

One of the best haircuts for receding hairline and thinning hair is the buzz cut and fade combination – and this popular style continues to be a good choice when male pattern baldness continues. Short length minimises the difference between full hair and thinning hair, and the cut can be adjusted as further bald spots appear.

The Clean Shave

A clean shave works well if you have a head shape that complements your face – letting you wear the look with confidence. A full beard can bring a sense of balance as it draws attention away from your head.

The Mohawk

Another best hairstyle for receding hairlines is the mohawk – a style that can be youthful and unique. This haircut works well whether you have straight, wavy, or thick hair type. With buzzed sides that taper to longer, spiked hair on top, the style can be adapted to the hair length in the middle, and the lessening on the sides can be low, mid, or high.

The Undercut

The undercut style is another option that’s one of the best men’s haircuts for a receding hairline – these trendy short sides with a long top can be worn in a variety of ways. Ask a professional stylist from Cochrane & Co – a trusted bespoke London hair salon – to show you the different concepts from slicked back, disconnected, fringed, or messy comb-over, to name just a few options.

The Pompadour

The pompadour features short hair on the back and sides with long hair on top – what makes the style unique is the volume of hair at the front known as the pomp, that gradually recedes towards the back of the head. You can go for a pompadour undercut, texture pompadour, comb over pompadour – endless possibilities bound only by your hair type, this is particularly good for baldness in the crown area.

The Comb Over

The comb-over has been revived and reinvented – perfect for concealing a thinning crown. It’s versatile and contemporary and suitable for almost any face shape. By adding a fade this natural look is both timeless and trendy. A short comb-over can be polished and stylish whilst the long comb-over option adds volume to the top with extra versatility. The modern comb-over incorporates a hard feature line accentuating the parting and adding a sense of asymmetry as it draws the eyes along the hairline.

The Long Hairstyle

If you’ve got thick hair and just receding a longer style option may suit you – the benefits here are the area above your temples can easily be hidden. A longer cut can actually make you look years younger with the right sense of style, think of the cool Italians and the French Riviera.

The Short Hairstyle

A short, textured hairstyle gives you versatile options – with the length controlled so as not to be too neat. With slightly more length being left toward your hairline, the style can be blow-dried for volume and a messier appearance.

Having said that, if your hair is going beyond a little receding or you are concerned about baldness on the crown and want to have some more advice on style options including adding to your hair, why not book a consultation with Cochrane & Co the male hair system specialist in London. Find out more about our hair replacement systems for men.