Can You Use A Leave-In Conditioner For Hair Systems?

A hair replacement system can be life-changing – especially when you have a consultation and fitting with stylists that specialise in hair replacement services. Cochrane & Co will give you all the help and advice you need with regards to non-surgical hair replacement.

When it comes to maintenance, styling, and treatments you’ll get the very best cut and recommended solutions to leave your hair system soft and natural. Find out all you need to know about a regular care routine here…

Leave-in Conditioner Data

As your hair system can’t produce sebum – the oily liquid secreted by glands attached to the hair follicles in your scalp that hydrates hair strands – a regular conditioning routine is vital. After washing your hair system you should apply a specially formulated conditioner designed to be used with hair systems.

Can you use a leave-in conditioner for hair systems? Yes, you can. A good quality product will keep your hair system free of tangles and in tip-top shape. A leave-in conditioner for your hair system is designed to strengthen the hairs and hydrate them – keeping the system shiny and soft.

Whereas an everyday conditioner has to be rinsed off, a leave-in conditioner is applied after the wash and left in the hair system. Don't leave in a regular conditioner though as this could cause hair strands to be damaged by the thick and creamy consistency.

Leave-in conditioners typically come in a spray or pump bottle and are produced specifically for human hair or synthetic systems – so you need to make sure you get the right product for your hair system type.

Types of Leave-in Conditioner

There are leave-in conditioners that are compatible with every hair system. Some contain aloe and hydrolysed silk that increases hair flexibility and also provides sunscreen protector. Others are included within with a full moisturising kit for natural hair systems providing shampoo, conditioner and a UV protecting leave-in conditioner spray.

Additional UV protection will also stop oxidation of your system which may cause the colour to dull over a period of time.

Using a Leave-in Conditioner

You’ll get the best results if you apply immediately after cleaning your hair system. Apply the conditioner evenly and use your fingers or a wide-toothed comb to spread the product.

If you need an extra boost you can use the leave-in conditioner by spraying a light mist to keep your system looking fresh between cleans. Remember to use it on your hair and not your scalp. Conditioning your hair system maintains shine, the perfect moisture content, and provides a soft and natural look.

Tips for Conditioning and Care

If you’re wearing your hair system at the time of conditioning avoid using near the edges as it may cause premature detachment.

  • Apply conditioner through the hair from the root to the tip
  • Gently comb through with a wide-toothed comb to ensure the conditioner is evenly distributed
  • By using a high-quality leave-in conditioner you’ll ensure the longevity of your hair replacement system
  • Leave-in conditioners prevent damage as combs or brushes simply glide through the hair