Myths About Non Surgical Hair Replacement

Issues with hair loss are extremely common nowadays and are typically caused by stress, worry, and trauma. Male pattern baldness is another condition that can result in a lack of confidence and embarrassment.

Men's hair replacement systems are becoming increasingly popular as a permanent and completely natural-looking solution to getting your hair back. Here you’ll find all the information you need and an insight into some common myths about non surgical hair replacement…

Men’s non surgical hair replacement myths

Causes irritation to the scalp

Human hair systems don’t cause any discomfort unless you’re allergic to any ingredients in the adhesives which is rare. Advanced hair replacement systems combine a membrane base with real human hair to provide a comfortable and durable solution with lifelike results.

They don’t last

A non surgical hair replacement will offer on average up to 15 weeks and with the right maintenance can actually last for around five months. You’ll be able to play sports, swim, shower, and style your hair the way you want it. And you’ll be able to have it cut and coloured too.

They’re not effective

Non surgical hair replacements are often more effective than hair replenishing surgery. Hair transplants are reliant on donor follicles and if these are lacking then this can be an issue. Hair replacement gives more coverage and greater control over the end results.

Looks fake

Unique hair replacement systems provided by Cochrane & Co, for example, are made from micro-thin artificial skin which is implanted with the highest grade of human hair. The hairline at the front is virtually invisible, and these non surgical hair replacement specialists in London will ensure you get exactly the right colour which is fundamental in achieving a natural and believable look.

They fall off

Men’s hair replacement systems are designed and made to exact measurements which ensure a perfect fit. When attached the entire system is bonded to the scalp to ensure it won’t come off. Recent technology means that you’ll be able to wear your hair system without worrying.

They can’t be worn in the sun

Natural hair of all colours gradually fade in the sunshine over time and your hair replacement system made from human hair will be just the same. You can certainly go out in the sun but where there's abundant sunshine simply wear a cap or hat to protect your hair from UV rays.

There’s no colour choice

Hair replacement systems can be designed according to the colour you want! Cochrane & Co have a unique set of colours that prolong colour and conditions hair. You’ll be able to select gradient colours that offer richness and depth, and the expertise of your professional stylist will ensure that you’ll get exactly the right shade to compliment your natural complexion.

They’re expensive

When you compare the cost to the expense of a surgical procedure which often requires multiple sessions a hair replacement system is affordable. It’s important to find an experienced stylist that you trust and be able to discuss options and prices that will suit your budget.