Does Exercise Make Your Hair Thicker?

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Surveys have shown that regular exercise can improve the health of your hair. And the key to maintaining strong and shiny strands is to combine fitness with a well-balanced diet. So, does exercise make your hair thicker? Read on…

Get Better Hair Health

General exercise can have beneficial effects on your hair. And sweating during exercise can get rid of contaminants by removing waste products via your kidneys, liver, and skin.

Regulating hormones and reducing inflammation are two more advantages of breaking into a sweat. And an increased heart rate results in additional blood and oxygen reaching your scalp.

Cardio exercise can improve your health. And make you feel positive – reducing some of the stress-related issues that can cause hair loss. Exercising increases serotonin hormones that make you feel happy at the start of the day.

Exercising doesn’t have to mean changing your life by going to the gym for hours. You can take a brisk walk, dance, cycle, or run – it’s all about finding an activity that you enjoy. And that increases vitality and corrects hormonal imbalances. Making you feel strong and calm.

Additional Exercising Benefits

Look at this brief guide to scalp and skin advantages when you exercise:

  • Relaxation – regular stretching not only improves your posture but also provides better circulation to your scalp.
  • Natural oil production – extra greasiness conditions your scalp and hair.
  • Blood boosting – arteries dilate to allow more blood and oxygen to reach your scalp and skin.
  • Stress-reducing – the natural stimulation of endorphins in the brain makes you feel energetic and positive – easing anxiety levels.

Thicker Hair Nutrients

What is good for hair growth? Eating for thicker hair needs a regular supply of the following:

Foods to Stop Hair Loss


  • Manufactures sebum that conditions the scalp and hair.
  • Helps with the absorption of iron and is a way of how to reduce hair fall and increase hair growth.
  • Is an antioxidant that protects hair from damage and encourages optimum hair growth.



These are essential for strong and healthy hair – and a diet lacking in protein may cause dry and brittle hair resulting in hair loss which you can avoid due to a protein deficiency.


Iron-rich foods can prevent low iron levels caused by exercise – and iron deficiency is a major cause of hair loss – feed your hair roots and follicles with an oxygen-rich blood supply

Omega 3’s

An improved source of fatty acids will hydrate your scalp and encourage the production of oils that condition your hair

Causes of Hair Loss

Apart from poor nutrition, there are numerous other factors that may explain hair loss. These include medications, illness, stress, hormonal disorders, and genetic issues. Both men and women can experience hair loss problems that can be traumatic and life-changing.

Bespoke Hair Care Treatments

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