Does Wearing A Hat Cause Baldness?

There are many reasons for hair loss and what can actually cause it. It can happen due to stress, hormones, and be hereditary. Some people believe that wearing a hat can cut off the circulation to hair follicles – so does wearing a hat cause baldness? Read on…

Does wearing a hat damage hair?

Any damage to the outside of your hair can break your strands and the friction of a tight hat could contribute to that. Also the scalp needs good circulation to bring nutrients to the follicles through the bloodstream. If you continuously wear a tight hat it could cause slight hair loss.

You may notice hair inside your hat when you take it off. Remember that it’s completely normal to lose about 100 strands a day so this is just part of that process. If you find your hair is looking thinner in parts when you remove your hat it could be your hat has pushed your hair in different directions.

According to dermatologists studies show that wearing hats really doesn't make you go bald as there’s not enough tension to cause significant hair loss.

Take a look at a few hat tips for healthy hair:

  • Choose the right hat – select 100% natural cotton that lets the scalp breathe in summer and offers protection from the sun, and warm wool hats to prevent the hair and scalp from dryness in the winter.
  • Keep your hat clean – wash your hat regularly to remove oils and dead skin which can irritate the skin and cause scalp conditions.
  • Don’t wear your hat all the time – when you don’t need a hat don’t wear one! Take a break when you’re indoors or when the weather is fair to help stop split ends and damaged hair.

What can cause hair loss?

Hair loss can be triggered by many causes. These include:

  • Male and female pattern baldness – attributed to genetic predisposition and family history
  • Traction alopecia – when you put a lot of stress on the hair follicle the hairline recedes due to the pulling
  • Friction alopecia – wearing tight hair accessories may break the follicle and cause bald patches
  • Fluctuating hormones – experienced during pregnancy for example
  • Stress and trauma – causing massive shedding and altering hair growth
  • Severe illness and surgery – can instigate dramatic hair loss until the body gets back to normal

Hair loss prevention

This all depends on the underlying cause. Good hair hygiene, proper nutrition with adequate levels of iron and Vitamin B in your diet will all be of benefit. Treatment of medical conditions and hormonal imbalances will also be helpful. However, if your hair loss is genetically induced you may want to consider hair replacement therapy.

Specialised hair replacement services

Search for a salon who understands the need for professional hair treatments that pay special attention to your needs. You’ll be able to get effective non-surgical hair replacement technology that uses world-leading products to help with your baldness.

Advanced hair replacement products combine a membrane base with real human hair to give lifelike results. The beauty of this is you’ll still be able to do all your normal everyday activities – including exercising, swimming, showering, and sleeping for up to 13 weeks of continuous wear.

When you’re struggling with loss of self-esteem and other emotional issues due to hair loss this high definition hair replacement system is designed for you. And you’ll get all the help, advice, and support you need between salon visits. Get a natural look that’s easy to maintain and you’ll soon be confident and self-assured once more.