Hair Replacement Systems V Wigs


hair replacement systems v wigs at the best hair loss salon in London

Advanced hair replacement system leads the world when it comes to searching for a cure for baldness and thinning hair. Hair loss can be embarrassing and hair replacement is the perfect solution and is the cooler, natural-looking alternative to wigs. Want to know more? Read on…

Hair Systems vs Wigs: The Benefits of Choosing Hair Replacement Systems

Hair Systems

Hair replacement systems can be undetected as they’re custom-made to the exact contours of your head
You can swim, exercise, shower, and sleep normally with your hair replacement system
Advanced membrane bases ensure that you can even run your fingers through your hair
You’ll get up to 13 weeks of continuous wear
You can get your hair replacement system styled and groomed just the way you want it 


Wigs need to be washed carefully and not whilst on your head
Synthetic hair can sometimes look unnaturally shiny
Too much volume can make wigs look unrealistic
Fitting may be an issue unless you pay for one to be made to measure
Wigs have a limited lifespan

Hair Replacement Systems – Pros & Cons

Hair Replacement System Pros

Hair replacement systems offer an immediate change getting your style back or the hair you’ve always wanted
There’s no surgery or drugs involved
This is a non-permanent solution so you can get rid of it if it doesn’t suit you 

Hair Replacement System Cons

Hair systems can be quite expensive with high bonding costs
They must be maintained and replaced about twice a year
Natural hair underneath the system may become dirty as it remains unwashed whilst the system is in place

Visit The Best London Hair Replacement Specialists

Cochrane & Co are hair replacement experts based in London and they know that effective hair replacement can be life-changing. You’ll be able to benefit from professional and high-definition hair replacement which combines a membrane base with real human hair. Get lifelike results which allow you to maintain your normal active lifestyle from hair systems London masters – you can even get telephone support when you need it between visits.