Hair Transplant Or Hair Replacement?


hair transplant or hair replacement system at top London hair loss centre

 A receding hairline can be caused by many factors including age, family history, health issues, and stress. It can affect men and women of all ages. And can result in intense emotional suffering and be psychologically damaging.

Treatment may be with surgery or other management options: hair transplant is a surgical method of moving hair follicles from a productive area to the balding area. Hair replacement systems are non-surgical solutions that are becoming increasingly popular. So, which is better – hair transplant or hair replacement? Find out more here…

Hair Transplant Facts

Hair transplant is a common treatment for male baldness and can also be carried out for eyelashes and eyebrows. It’s often not an option for older men as covering large bald areas with this technique is difficult. There are also other disadvantages of hair transplant which include:

Unsuitability for patients with limited healthy donor hair follicles
Risks of infection and scarring
No instant results as it can take about six months for the hair to look different
Potential hair loss after the transplant – known as shock loss
Time-consuming and costly
However, the positives are natural growth and look of the hair giving improved self-confidence and esteem. And it’s one time and permanent.

Non-Surgical Hair Replacement Facts

Non-surgical hair replacement is prevalent in helping to treat people with extensive hair loss. Part or all of the scalp is shaved to allow the attachment for the hair system – with special adhesive glues. The hair is human or synthetic weaved into the membrane mesh.

Pros and cons of non-surgical hair replacement are listed below:

Advantages Of Hair Replacement Systems For Men

Instant restoration results without any waiting
No painful surgery involved and no recovery time
Suitable for both temporary and permanent hair loss
No donor hair required
Custom-made systems allow a choice of hair colour, style, texture, and density
Versatility and affordable costs

Disadvantages Of Hair Replacement Systems 

Requires a small amount of daily maintenance
Can need visits to specialist hair salons for a refit approximately every four weeks

Visit The Hair Replacement Experts at Cochrane & Co Studio In London

Professional stylists from Cochrane & Co will provide you with solutions to your hair loss problems – bespoke hair care remedies are their forte. You’ll get all the advice and support you need. And be able to have a consultation before your non-surgical hair replacement treatment begins.

The unique systems used are made of micro-thin artificial skin with the highest-grade implants of human hair. The hairline is invisible at the front – and the finished look is believable and completely natural. You’ll instantly get back your confidence with this wonderful transformation.

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