Haircuts For Guys With Thick Straight Hair

If you're lucky enough to have thick hair you may find it coarse and hard to style, but there's an entire range of haircuts for guys with thick straight hair.

And when you've found the style to suit you you just need to use good hair wax or pomade to keep it in shape. Look at some of the most popular men's short haircuts for thick straight hair here…

Men's hairstyles for straight thick hair


The undercut is a style that offers a contrast of short hair on the sides with longer hair on top. All types of undercut are versatile with the key feature being the even length all around the head. Variations on the undercut include undercut fade, disconnected undercut, and shaved sides.


The fade haircut is also known as a taper as it involves gradually cutting the hair on the back and sides shorter as it gets to the neck. By blending and fading your hairstylist can taper the fade cut into the neck and sideburns. Fading is typically done with clippers to ensure a gradual and seamless shortening of the hair. This low-maintenance and versatile haircut doesn't need any styling.

Textured crop

This easy-to-style and versatile cut offers a short length all over with a fringe at the front. The short crew cut makes hair manageable and low-maintenance and is versatile enough for all occasions. This cut can be combined with a fade on the sides and back or an undercut to create a contrast. Styling a textured cut is made simple by using hair wax or clay that can be applied and left messy.

Comb over

This timeless and classic style is ideal for thick hair and is frequently combined with a fade that plays on the short sides and long top. A scissor cut on top will leave the hair long enough to style a quiff or spiky hair for a change. To style a comb overuse a pomade or wax and work it in, then use a comb for that swept-over finish.

Slick back

The slick back is a polished, slicked style that goes well with a fade or undercut. It’s ideal for thick hair as the volume of the hair form a natural height on top. For a looser style, your hairstylist can add more texture to the top layers. A matte pomade or wax can provide a textured finish, or lightly brushed back hair adds volume and height.


The modern quiff haircut is one of the most stylish for men with thick hair. It’s cut with short sides and back with longer hair on top, and when combined with a fade or undercut the styled look on top really stands out as the quiff is perfect for natural volume.

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