How Long Do Hair Replacement Systems Last?


Hair Loss Advice from the Hair Replacement Experts at Cochrane & Co Studio 

Best hair replacement systems for men in london

If you’re struggling with hair loss you’re not alone. Almost 40% of men have noticed hair thinning by their early 30’s. And at the age of 60, this figure has increased to 65%. But modern techniques mean you can now get hair replacement without surgery.

Non-Surgical Hair Transplants - What To Expect

Stylists experienced in fitting hair systems will thoroughly explain the best options for your hair. Hair systems will be chosen for the finest hair and membrane qualities – ensuring the best options for colour, length, and style.

Membranes will be selected that are breathable and comfortable. And made of micro-thin artificial skin. This base will be implanted with real human hair that’s been stripped of the cuticle, recoloured to different shades. And the colour sealed in with silicone.

The whole system is then gently bonded to the scalp.

Non-Surgical Hair Replacement Benefits

This non-invasive method is completely painless.
The results can be seen immediately.
The hairline is virtually invisible.
The system will stay in place during physical activities with the correct bonding.
Your system can be customised to suit you.
It’s an affordable way to deal with hair loss

How Long Will My Hair Replacement System Last?

How long does non-surgical hair replacement last? Well, this all is dependent on the quality of the membrane base, the type of hair used, and your maintenance routine. Here’s an approximate timeline guide:

Four to six weeks – for Swiss Lace and Thin Skin hair systems
Eight to 15 weeks – for Supplementaire hair systems
Four to six months – for French Lace hair systems
Nine to 12 months – for Poly hair systems

What Hair Is Used In Hair Replacement Systems London? 

There are three main types of hair typically used for hair replacement systems. These are:

Human Hair – mainly Chinese or Indian hair that’s strong and can withstand extreme processing without any degradation. Finest quality hair is very adaptable, well-behaved, and perfect for frequent hair system changes.

Remy Hair – human hair processed in a different way to keep the hair soft and silky. It can be coloured and permed, and is ideal for long hair systems.

Synthetic Hair – with a choice of shiny or matte finishes that look and feel like real hair – synthetic hair is fine plastic filaments made from modacrylic fibres.

Before you consider a supplementaire hair loss treatment we advise you to check the pros and cons of non-surgical hair replacement systems.