How Modern Hair Replacement System Works

If your hair is thinning or you’re facing baldness and noticeable hair loss, you’re not alone. Studies show that by the age of 21, young men suffer from around 20% hair loss. This goes up to 25%, 50% and 66% by the ages of 30, 50 and 60. If you find yourself in this category, you don’t need to worry because there is a solution for you and it involves the use of a non-surgical hair replacement system. 

Of course, the right one will precisely match your hair colour, texture, curl, wave and even density. So, there’s not much to worry about and you can enjoy doing everything you normally would in your daily life. To find out more about this option, keep reading below. 

All you need to know about men’s hair systems replacement

Worried about wearing what is essentially a partial wig, patch, hairpiece or a toupee? Don’t be! The reason for this is that it is designed specifically for your hair needs and scalp so that you can regain your confidence and feel at your best once again. 

So, what is a hair system? This is a product that is applied directly to your scalp giving you more voluminous hair coverage. Here are some more details about it:

Hair type: With regard to the hair type of a non-surgical hair replacement system, you can have either human or synthetic hair. 

Base type: The base can be either made of lace/mesh fabric or polyurethane (also referred to as “poly”). Both have significant benefits, and their usage will depend on your particular needs. As for how the hair is attached to the base, it is generally hand-woven into the piece for the most natural look. 

With mesh bases, you’ll enjoy a natural and untraceable hairline. The material is light, breathes easily and is comfortable, although it’s a bit more pricey, more delicate and may require more frequent replacement.  

Polymer bases, on the other hand, are created from silicone or polyurethane, mirroring the look and feel of natural skin. As such, they are much sturdier and more durable than the mesh type. They are also easy to attach and less costly than the mesh version.

Attachment method: The base of the non-surgical hair replacement system is then attached to your head. This will depend on your chosen method of attachment, which can be either tape or adhesive. It is then cut and blended to make it undetectable. 

Coverage:  A non-surgical hair unit can either cover the entire scalp or only a part of it. It depends on your unique needs and personal features. 

We hope our quick and easy guide to non-surgical hair replacement has shed some light on a sensitive issue that doesn’t have to pose a challenge to you anymore. With Cochrane and Co non-surgical hair replacement in London, you will always be in good hands.

We’ll show you best practices for prolonging the longevity of your hair system and how to wear it for best results. Simply get in touch with us and our team of experts will be more than happy to assist you.