How Often Should I Wash My Hair System?


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How often should you wash a hair system? The general rule is once or twice a week. And showering with a hair system is also acceptable. As long as you don’t overdo it as the more you wash it, the more it fades. We also recommend that you use a sulphate free shampoo as this is kinder to the system and helps to keep the colour. You should get into the routine of regularly washing your hair system thoroughly about every six times you wear it. Here’s how…

Hair System Cleaning Preparations

Hair system cleaning is all part of your maintenance regime. It’s recommended that you:

Use a large wide-toothed comb to remove each tangle without unnecessary tension
Brush hair with a soft boar-bristle brush every day to prevent tangles and prolong the lifespan of your system
Brush or comb from the roots upwards
Showering with a hair system – The Basics
Choose warm water to wash your system as too high a temperature can affect the system’s lifespan. Then you need to select the right products for the type of system you have. Shampoos and conditioners are designed to suit the different maintenance needs.

Spray the warm water onto your head. Rub shampoo into your hands and stroke gently over the hair system. Then comb the shampoo through. Rinse the hair system carefully.

Apply conditioner and repeat the process. Thoroughly rinse to remove all traces. To rinse your scalp, ease the front of the hair system back and ensure the conditioner doesn’t interfere with the adhesive.

Towel dry without rubbing – simply pat. Then let the system dry naturally. When your system is completely dry you can re-attach any lifted areas.

Cleaning Independently

To ensure that your hair system bonds effectively you need to fully remove any residue left by the adhesive. This is easily done with a spray citrus oil adhesive remover which takes about five minutes to work. Wipe with a kitchen towel.

Shampoo the underside and then rinse thoroughly. This may need to be repeated several times.
If your system is held in place by tape, you’ll need to carefully peel the tape off before carrying out the cleaning procedure.

System Hair Loss

There are certain factors that can cause hair loss earlier than you would want and these include:

Extreme brushing – which causes hair to break off and thin your system
Excessive tangling – tight knots will tear out hair if not detangled gently
Friction – caused by hair rubbing on pillows, or too much washing
Over-conditioning – too much conditioner will cause the cuticle to stay open inviting damage
Pool water – chlorinated water will open cuticle layers and increase tangling
Styling products – limit the use of hairsprays and other products containing alcohol
Hair dyes – permanent hair colours can penetrate the hair shaft, so opt for semi-permanent colours that don’t contain peroxide

Useful Hints and Tips

Wet wavy hair each morning with water and a leave-in detangler
Apply olive oil to ends two or three times a week and before washing your system

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