How To Prepare Your Hair System For Cold Weather

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If you have a hair replacement system, it’s only natural to start feeling concerned about maintaining it properly in the winter months. After all, cold, harsh weather can take its toll on your hair replacement system and it’s worth knowing some tips and tricks about the best ways to maintain it for long-lasting results. So, if you’re ready to find out what the impact of cold weather on your hair replacement system is as well as how to take the best care of it, keep reading below.

What is the impact of cold weather on your hair system?

The cold winter months can do a lot of damage to our hair, including our hair replacement systems. The very first consequence of exposing your system to cold air is dehydration of the hair. But that’s not all, such dehydration can also result in split ends as well as an overall appearance of dry hair as opposed to having a smooth and glossy mane. Therefore, to avoid this problem, it’s important to look after your hair replacement system the right way.

Hair replacement system maintenance

There are several essential tips to follow to ensure that you limit the damage to your hair replacement system during the colder months of the year. Here are some of the most important ones for you to consider:

Condition deeply and use leave-in conditioner: the first step to ensuring your hair replacement system is well taken care of is to deeply condition it or use leave-in conditioner. However, it’s important not to apply the conditioner too close to the bonds. As for frequency, consider taking this step at least once a week.

Avoid washing too frequently: another important consideration you should keep in mind is to avoid washing your hair replacement system too frequently. Once or twice every two to three weeks should be sufficient. What’s more is that when you do actually wash your system, you should avoid using water that’s too hot or too cold so as not to damage the bonds. 

Limit the use of blow dryers and straightening irons: the winter months cause dehydration of hair replacement systems, but so does the use of blow dryers or other straightening irons. Consequently, if you must use these appliances, you should use a diffuser when blow drying and ceramic straightening irons when straightening it. Using hair protection spray when styling is another important tip you could follow.

Don’t brush while wet: our final piece of advice is to avoid brushing the hair replacement system while wet. This can cause hair breakages and split ends and will affect the overall appearance. Rather let it air dry on its own if possible and then brush it when it is not wet anymore. 

Looking for professional non-surgical hair replacement?

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