How To Recognise A Good Quality Hair System

Hair loss is caused by a whole range of disorders – from emotional or physical stress to medication and changes in hormones. Hereditary conditions affect millions of men and this condition is categorised as male pattern baldness.

It generally starts with a receding hairline, and thinning at the crown, and can be quite detrimental to health as it can cause a loss in self-esteem, depression, and anxiety. But there are non-medical solutions to hair loss which are natural and give the coverage needed.

Hair replacement systems come in the form of hairpieces or wigs. See how to recognise a good quality hair system here…

Wigs for Men

If you choose a wig there’s plenty of styles available to suit you. Lace front wigs give the appearance of a natural hairline – the sheer lace material runs along the forehead. Whether you want a short or long style there are options. And you’ll be able to select a synthetic lace front, or a 100% human hair lace front.

The best types of men’s hairpieces will blend in with your natural hairline – and wigs are no exception. Heat-friendly synthetic hair can be styled as you desire, and you can wear it slicked back or spiked.

Long and straight hair can be achieved with a casual and sleek wig that’s shorter at the sides and back, and longer on top. With a lace front and totally hand-tied you’ll be able to blow dry and style however you choose.

Other style options include natural parting and gentle waves, or face-framing preferences. Your stylist will be able to trim the wig to suit your needs. Wigs with thin skins at the back and the sides provide great solutions to hair loss issues.

Superior Hair Systems

Ultra-thin skin hair systems are comfortable and lightweight – and available in a huge range of colours. To get the correct system for you by ordering online you’ll need to:

  • Measure your head size properly
  • Bear in mind the size and shape of the hair loss patch
  • Consider the type of attachment – tape, clips, bonds, or snaps
  • Select the correct hair density
  • Choose the right colour match

A lace hair system will be completely undetectable as it provides a natural hairline and super thin skin. When attached with tape it requires a perfect fit – so the base size needs to be smaller or exactly the same as the hair loss area. Otherwise, the tape can stick to your own hair and may be problematic.

Get A Hair Replacement System from the Professionals

Cochrane & Co are a hair salon specialising in non-surgical hair replacement. You’ll be able to visit for a consultation with an expert. And get a new look with great styling and colouring service.

All the help and advice you need on maintaining your hair system and treatments and tips to keep your hair system as new will be happily provided. Your confidence will be restored – as you’ll leave the salon looking and feeling great!