Recycle Your Old Hair Replacement System

Bespoke hair replacement systems from Cochrane & Co’s London Hair Salon are the latest trends in fashion hairstyles. Specialising in hair system styling and maintenance your system can last on average for up to 13 weeks.

Once you’ve decided to change your hairstyle or simply get a new hair system you may be interested to know how to dispose of your old one rather than simply throwing it away. Want to know how to recycle your old hair replacement system? Read on…

Recycling synthetic hair systems

Synthetic hair systems are usually made from polyester, acrylic, or PVC. During the making, these plastic fibres are heated and strung into thin strands to resemble the texture of human hair.

TerraCycle is a specialist, private recycling company that disposes of synthetic and human-hair replacement systems, extensions, and wigs. They’re based in the United States but have contacts in the UK. The plastics found in synthetic hair are turned into plastic polymers that are fit for reuse.

The Hair Recycling Scheme is open to all brands of unwanted hair extensions and recycles the hair into mats that effective collate debris in storm drains. You can post your hair extensions for recycling via a free post service.

Recycling human hair systems

As human hair systems are constructed from natural fibres they’re easily reused by companies that offer revamping services and recycling schemes through partnerships with human-hair recycling experts. One of these recycling organisations is the Matter of Trust which collect human hair systems for free and turn them into hair mats and hair bags to clean up oil spills.

Human hair collected from TerraCycles boxes is used for compost in gardens. It may be a little expensive to invest in this private recycling option but the smallest box will hold a lot of hair. You may find it cost-effective to share your hair box with others interested in hair recycling or even ask your local salon to offer its own recycling scheme that you could join.