Is Baldness Inherited From Mum Or Dad?

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While hereditary factors are an important cause of hair loss other factors can also have an impact on male pattern baldness. Chances increase with age and can be related to excess hormones. Extreme stress and illness can also play a part. If you’re witnessing the start of the receding of your hair it’s good to know about the medical side of things. Is male pattern baldness hereditary? We’ll find out…

The Baldness Gene

Studies have shown that many people believe that hair loss is passed down from the mother’s side. But this isn’t the only genetic factor as men with bald fathers have an increased chance of going bald by comparison to men whose fathers have a full hair set. However, the hereditary factor is slightly more dominant on the woman’s side.

Baldness from mother may result from a gene variation that’s related to the male sex hormones. The suspect gene sits on the X chromosome which is handed down to men by their mother. Scientists do say that baldness anywhere in your family may be a sign that you’ll be genetically affected by male pattern baldness.

Recent Research on Baldness

This most common type of baldness can be triggered by faulty hair-making cells in the scalp – published recently in the Journal of Clinical Investigation. It seems that these cells are unable to complete their normal development and mature to a fully-functioning state. This could help researchers develop a treatment that reactivates and restores the malfunctioning cells.

Male hormones are involved in causing these changes. Cells in the skin of the scalp convert testosterone into another hormone which can affect the hair follicles making them shrink. It isn’t clear why only scalp hairs are affected and no other areas such as beards or armpits. Various different genes have been shown to be involved.

Other Medical Issues & Baldness

The impact of baldness is psychological and can cause untold unhappiness and loss of confidence. Hair loss can also increase the risk of skin cancer of the scalp. Past research has linked baldness to heart health, high blood pressure, diabetes, and increased cholesterol levels. This link is most often seen in men who develop baldness at a relatively young age.
Men who experience hair loss should stop smoking, drink less alcohol, and start an exercise and diet programme to promote a healthy heart. This also benefits your whole well-being factor as moods can be low when you feel bad about your appearance.

Hair Replacement Systems for Bald Men

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And what’s most important you’ll be able to maintain your usual lifestyle and groom your hair as normal. You can play sports, swim, and shower, and when you need a cut and style your professional will do that for you too. This durable hair loss solution is suitable for you if you’re struggling with hair loss.