Men’s Hair Treatments To Look Fabulous

We all know how good it makes you feel when your hair looks great with that wonderful texture and shine. But how do you achieve this on a regular basis?

Take a look at just some of the hair treatments in London you can get to achieve healthy and lustrous results even if you suffer from hair loss.

Experiment With Style

With a bit of experience, you can soon learn to adapt your hairstyle to a particular occasion, experiment with different haircuts and even hide certain hair problems!

Choose from close-cropped hair that’s easy to manage, trendy longer styles or modern short ones. Well- groomed hair can be kept in place with hair gel or hair wax.

Extra-gloss hairspray and hair oil will create a look of glowing, soft hair.

If you’ve got a receding hairline you need to choose a style which is shorter over the majority of the head with a slightly elongated top section and possibly a small quiff.

The contrast in lengths is the key here, and bleaching the ends of the hair creates an illusion of thicker hair.


Shaving the head is an alternative, but you need to be aware of the need to keep the scalp hydrated.

Dull shaving implements can cause a dry scalp as can dehydration and too much sun! Apply a shaving cream and use a sharp, clean razor each time.

Once done, add plenty of moisturizer to restore hydration and increase shine.

Oils and waxes also work well and can be applied with a circular motion and then gently wiped off with a warm towel.

Go Old School With Conditioners

Conditioners are specialist hair products that give your hair strength, shine and gloss.

There are basically three types – regular, leave-in and deep, and each conditioner will cater to your individual needs.

So, if you need an everyday conditioner that you rinse out then use the regular conditioner.

For a conditioner that you leave without rinsing, and use to style your hair opt for the leave-in variety, and finally, if you want to give your hair a penetrating conditioner then choose the deep that you leave on for much longer and then rinse out. It’s as easy as that!

Amazing Hair Treatments For Men in London

There’s a huge range of hair and scalp treatments you can invest in to moisturize your hair.

Masques and hair raiser follicle revitalizers are becoming extremely popular, alongside original oils and serums.

Hair raisers help increase thickness and strength whilst nourishing hair and helping to stop hair loss.

As you massage the scalp with the product it increases the blood flow, improves circulation and acts as a natural, oil-free moisturiser.

When you need expert advice and specialist care for any non-surgical hair treatments in London, including replacement, restoration or hair loss simply call Cochrane & Co’s London hair salon.

You’ll get hair care treatments designed especially for you, provided by caring and experienced hair stylists who’ve got your best interests at heart!