Summer Heat & Your Hair Replacement System

In this excessive summer heat or if you are going away on holiday to a hot country you may have lifting/bonding issues due to excessive sweating.

It is ESSENTIAL that during the heat you try and stay cool. Cold iced water can assist in lowering your core temperature.

Furthermore, it is not only the heat and sweat during the application or rebonding but also any sweat in the first 24 hours after the application or rebonding that can have an impact on how well the bond can cure.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Especially in hot weather, when the humidity in the air and the sweat make it more difficult for the bond to cure.

If you are re sealing your system at home then you need to ensure that you allow enough time for the bond to settle before you apply the hair system.

Allow at least 10 minutes in this weather to make sure the bond has gone clear before applying the system and ensure that you stay very cool while waiting.