Tips For A Healthy Scalp

healthy scalp tips from Londons top hair replacement specialists

What does a healthy scalp look like? A healthy scalp is free from itchiness and irritation. There should be no pain, redness or flakiness, and any acne, scabs or bumps can signify inflammation. Scalp issues such as dandruff and seborrheic dermatitis are linked to hair breakage and reduced shine, and poor scalp health can lead to premature hair loss.

Look at a range of tips for a healthy scalp here…

Healthy hair tips

Wash hair less often

When you reduce the frequency of washing your hair you avoid the risk of stripping away the natural oils. Washing your hair just three to four times a week will ensure your scalp doesn’t dry out as oil production is balanced out.

Choose gentle hair products

Using products that contain alcohol, fragrances, and sulphates can draw out moisture and can leave your scalp dry and irritated. Sulphates also strip away natural oils and remove dead skin cells, damaging hair shafts and scalp skin.

Massage in shampoo

Shampooing gently will increase circulation and prevent abrasions from being caused to the scalp. Focus on gently cleansing the scalp rather than the entire length of hair.

Apply conditioner

A lightweight conditioner acts as a moisturiser particularly if your scalp is dry, and those products formulated with added aloe and vitamins will also leave your hair stronger and healthy.

Try a scalp scrub

A scalp scrub is a method of exfoliating the skin on your head. These scrubs contain chemical exfoliants that help eliminate excess skin cells, dandruff and oil, and can potentially boost hair growth by dilating blood vessels under the skin.

Use sun and swim protection

UV rays from the sun can damage your scalp and cause hair thinning. Applying sunscreen specially formulated for scalp protection will eliminate these risks, as will wearing a hat or scarf. Wearing a swimming cap will protect your scalp from any damaging effects of chlorine.

Eat healthily
For a healthy scalp, you need to have a diet rich in proteins, fruits, and vegetables. If you suffer from a dry scalp supplements of fish oils and Omega-3s can help with increased hair growth and strength as they stimulate circulation in the scalp.

Signs of healthy hair

Bear in mind that a healthy scalp leads to healthy hair. See familiar characteristics that let you know that your hair is healthy:

Your scalp is free of dandruff with a nice pigment and no redness or irritation

Your hair is shiny and naturally full of lustre

Life, bounce and volume with lots of movement mean your hair is in its prime

Minimal shedding indicates pretty healthy hair

Moisturised hair with a smooth texture is never brittle and dry

Hair will take on its natural texture when faced with excessive humidity as healthy hair repels water

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