The Differences Between Lace & Poly Hair Systems

Questions frequently arise about the differences between a poly vs lace hair system. While both are meant to help men regain their confidence owing to thinning hair, bald spots, baldness or other factors, they are generally used by different men who lead different lifestyles. From the outset, we can say that there is no one option that’s better than the other. 

It’s a matter of personal choice and lifestyle habits that will play a determining role in your decision. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at each hair system and focus on what sets them apart from each other. 

What is the lace base hair system?

Much as the name suggests, a lace base hair system is a base that consists of lace-like material or lace. The hair is attached to the lace and this gives it a lot of breathability and lightness. It’s also very difficult to detect that you’re actually wearing one and it is extremely comfortable. It’s an excellent choice for those who perspire frequently or work out a lot (i.e. lead an active lifestyle). 

On the downside, however, because it is so delicate, it has the potential to tear quite easily and this affects its longevity. Furthermore, it’s important to realise that it is not always easy to attach or remove nor is it as easy to clean and maintain. Why? Because the adhesive can get stuck in the holes. 

What is the poly base hair system?

The polyurethane base, or “poly” for short, hair system is one that’s made of polyurethane and this gives it an appearance that looks and feels almost like touching a real human’s skin. They can come in various thicknesses with the lowest one being 0.03 mm. What sets this hair system apart is that it offers extra options and versatility regarding styling. 

It’s also highly lightweight and easy to put on. Cleaning is also easy because there are no mesh holes where glue or adhesive can get stuck. Ultimately, it gives one of the most realistic hairline appearances possible when compared to other bases.

Of course, nothing in life is perfect and neither is a poly base hair system. This is because it doesn’t offer as much comfort as lace. Further to this, because it doesn’t have holes for breathability, you may feel quite warm as your body temperature rises. And once the sweat starts building up, if the poly hair system is not secured accurately, the sweat can start weakening the bonds of the adhesive. 

Lace vs poly hair system - the main differences

With that being said, we now look at the main differences between lace vs poly hair systems. Here’s our breakdown:


Flexibility and durability: the poly base system can be more flexible and durable.

Sweat handling: the lace base system enables better circulation with regard to perspiration.

Ease of application: the poly base system is more lightweight and easier to put on.

Water resistance: the poly base system does not allow water to penetrate through it. 

Ease of cleaning: a poly base system is easier to clean.

Noticeability: depending on the bonds and lifestyle, both can remain undetected. 

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