Do You Have Poor Scalp Circulation?

The definition of blood circulation is the transport process of arterial and venous blood through the vascular system and heart chambers – driven by the pumping function of the heart.

Blood circulation to the scalp is the furthest away from the heart, and this is the main reason why scalp problems can occur. The lack of stimulation in this area is a common cause of scalp issues. What are the poor scalp blood circulation symptoms? Read on…

Tell-tale Signs

Poor scalp circulation symptoms include hair loss. The length and size of the hair are dependent on the growth stage of the hair cycle. And this, in turn, relies on the blood flow to the scalp.

Insufficient blood circulation stops the roots of your hair receiving adequate nutrients – leaving your hair follicles weak and lifeless. Research has shown that hair loss may also be associated with fewer blood vessels – but this has not yet been validated.

Age also decreases the size of the hair follicle resulting in patches of alopecia – and a reduced blood supply reduces hair growth – starving the hair root of fuel.

Male pattern baldness may be caused by genetics, age, and hormones, as well as a gradual shrinkage in the scalp hair follicles. Better blood flow to the scalp leads to an overall lessening of hair loss.

Improving and Increasing Blood Circulation

Increasing blood flow to the scalp helps reduce baldness. How to increase blood circulation in hair roots can be done by:

A home remedy of boiling about 8 cloves of crushed garlic with olive oil and applying it to your scalp – high levels of compound allicin found in garlic aids circulation and helps to prevent hair loss.

Increase intake of Vitamin E – antioxidant qualities help with split ends and hair loss removing radicals that prevent hair growth. Eat plenty of spinach, avocado, broccoli, seeds, and nuts. Or simply take a Vitamin E supplement.

Scalp massage – reduce stress and stimulate blood circulation to the scalp with a quick message that can increase hair growth. With the palms of your hands placed just above the temples over your ears slide the scalp up and down in a rotating movement.

Alternatively, you can use fingertips to give your scalp a gentle massage, digging into the skin all over to stimulate the circulation.

A derma-roller can trigger a healing response stimulating blood flow and producing protein to encourage new hair growth. The tiny needles on this device open up the scalp to let any product absorb effectively. Dermarolling allows any healing products to work even better.

Other Solutions

Poor blood circulation conditions can also be managed with shampoo and conditioning products aimed specifically to resolve these issues. Active compounds such as keratin and fat can harden your scalp and block the follicles – resulting in limited blood flow. Natural holistic hair products provide the best care and treatment possible.

Ask a qualified, local hairstylist from Cochrane & Co to help and advise you. You’ll be able to arrange a sit-down consultation with an expert, and get all the latest information on hair products to use, cuts suitable for your hair type – and guidance on hair replacement systems if your hair loss requires a non-surgical treatment.