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Cancer treatments can cause partial hair loss, thinning hair or complete hair loss and can affect people in different ways. Losing your hair during chemotherapy treatment can be distressing. It may feel like you are losing a part of your identity. It is no wonder, then, that many dread this side effect of cancer treatment the most. The team at Cochrane & Co Hair Replacement in London are here to help minimise the physical and emotional impact cancer hair loss causes, wherever you are on your journey.

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Support For Chemotherapy Hair Loss

Hair loss can be a distressing side effect of chemotherapy. We make it our mission to help sufferers feel more like themselves by offering partial or full hair loss treatments and solutions.

As chemotherapy is such a strong medication, it doesn’t just cause hair loss on the head – other parts of the body are also affected, including the eyelashes, eyebrows and even armpit hair.

Typically, hair loss following chemotherapy treatment is temporary. If you have just finished your rounds of chemotherapy treatment, you may be curious to know what happens to your hair growth now. How soon will it begin to grow back? Will your hair look and feel the same as before chemotherapy? We can answer some of the critical questions you might be asking yourself, as well as providing you with a few haircare tips to help you along the way.

When Will My Hair Grow Back After Chemotherapy?

After completing chemotherapy treatment, your hair will start to regrow within a few weeks. Soft, fuzzy strands of hair can be expected to emerge about 3-4 weeks after the treatment has ended. Although everyone's hair growth rate varies, eyelashes usually grow back rather quickly following chemotherapy treatment. Some individuals may experience immediate growth while others may have to wait a few weeks.

Hair typically begins to regrow with more normal texture around 3-6 months after chemotherapy. Hair growth of approximately 1 inch can be expected after 2 months, but this varies depending on the individual and the strength of the chemotherapy treatment.

During this phase of regrowth, our male hair replacement experts can assist you in selecting systems that can increase your confidence and treat your scalp with care. Our goal is to assist you in looking and feeling more like yourself with confidence.

Will My Hair Change After Chemotherapy?

After chemotherapy treatment, your hair growth may appear slightly different than before. You might notice a change in color, a thinner texture, or even curly hair instead of your previous straight hair. During chemotherapy, hair follicles can become twisted, resulting in waves or curls. However, this is generally only temporary, and your hair should gradually return to its previous texture and shape in a few months.

It is not uncommon for some individuals to experience permanent hair thinning or loss of fullness. If this occurs, there is no need to worry. Additionally, hair growth may be patchy, which can be frustrating. However, this is also typically temporary and may take some time for your body's nutrients to support healthy hair growth. Our specialists will work with you to find a hair replacement system that works to improve the appearance of thinning or patchy hair.

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