Covid-19 and Hair Loss

Hair Replacement Systems For COVID Hair Loss

COVID-19 is an aggressive virus that can damage our bodies and leave long-lasting health issues for many. It is now emerging that some COVID-19 sufferers have experienced hair loss after contracting the virus. So, is there a link between COVID-19 and hair loss?

If you have noticed any thinning or hair loss following COVID-19, help is available at Cochrane & Co, a leading hair loss clinic in London. Our men's hair systems can discreetly disguise hair loss giving you renewed confidence. If you're in need of hair replacement for men, our team is always available to advise you on the next steps.

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The Links Between COVID-19 & Hair Loss 

Although there is currently no definitive proof of a correlation between COVID-19 and hair loss, the International Association of Trichologists has attributed two types of hair loss, telogen effluvium and alopecia areata, to the virus.

Scientists say it is evident that the virus triggers a strong immune system response. As the immune system battles the virus, the body prioritises protecting vital organs and diverts resources accordingly. Because hair is not essential to the body's functioning, it is among the first things to be impacted when a person becomes unwell. This can result in sudden hair fall, as the hair growth cycle is disrupted and may even stop completely. This is comparable to hair loss experienced by cancer patients following chemotherapy in the most severe cases.

If COVID-19 or other conditions have caused hair thinning or loss, our hair replacement technicians can create a tailor-made men's hair system. These expert systems can alleviate your hair loss worries, creating a stylish and undetectable look. 

Men's Hair Systems For Stress-Related Hair Loss

The global pandemic has not only posed risks to our physical health but also our mental health. The stresses of lockdowns, economic uncertainty and in some cases losing loved ones have put us all under severe psychological strain. Fear, panic and worry are all factors which can contribute to increased hair shedding. Speak to your GP if you feel that your mental health is suffering.

If you are struggling with stress-related hair loss, our hair systems provide a discreet, confidence-boosting solution, offering enhanced length, volume, and dimension.

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