Hair Styles For Men – 2017 Trends

Getting the right hair cut can be quite an experience especially if you can’t decide what style you want! You might feel intimated by hairdressing terms and not want to ask what the final results will look like. It’s important that you consider your hairline, hair growth patterns, and hair thickness to help tailor your style to your unique requirements – so that’s where this guide will help!

Short Hairstyles for Men

slicked back undercut hairstyleThe great thing about short hairstyles is that they’re low maintenance yet high on style, and they’re suitable for so many hair types. From thick, wavy, or curly textures, you can keep sides short and leave just enough on top to reveal details – easy to wear. Textured crops and tousled spikes are all cool and add flattering height, whilst a pomp creates that classic silhouette with a touch of modern texture.

Short comb over hairstyles are easy to style if you’ve got thick or coarse hair – the extra length has more weight and surface for the product to hold. Some short haircuts can be mixed and matched with different lengths on top, with tight curls left visible and tapered down to the neckline. Short quiffs are another cut that keeps some length around the crown to keep it from sticking up!

Popular Styles for Men

slicked back undercut hairstyleThe slicked back undercut hairstyle is probably one of the most stylish hairstyles around at the moment. It’s known as a high contrast style which means it has short sides and long on top. It’s a look that can be dressed down for work, and dressed up for play! Brushed up styles are defined by voluminous thick hair and look good on those with short to medium length hair. It’s modern and distinct and the overall look is a variation of the undercut with longer textured hair.

Edgy haircuts are often attractive and stylish as these unique characterisations are deviations from the norm. Slick backs, high fades, and messy wave tops are all the rage with spiked hair in vibrant colours giving a bad boy image.

Best Easy Styles for Men

easy-hair-stylesGetting a simple, low maintenance hairstyle means you won’t have to spend ages fixing your hair every morning, and all you need to do is get it cut every four weeks to keep it looking clean. Butch and buzz cuts need only lightweight products to help texturise without any added weight, as do lengthier hairstyles. Centre partings for brow-length fringes are coming back into fashion as are short and severe military-inspired trendy hairstyles.

Don’t Forget The Boys!

boys-hairHaircuts for boys need to be trendy, as well as being manageable. Long layered haircuts are popular either with or without bangs. Side partings, side sweeps, and textured waves are all acceptable as boys want to look great whether hair is short, spiked, messy or hipster! Clipper techniques give boys hair a sharp, blunt finish – the smaller the guard number the shorter the hair. Razor cutting slices and texturises the hair, creating a completely different finish, and can produce a variety of results from soft, straight styles to smooth layers.

Ask a Stylist

professional-hairstylistNow you know a little more about the styles it’s time to go to the salon! Don’t be concerned about discussing options – that’s just what your professional stylist is there for. A reputable hair studio will deliver classic hairdressing techniques alongside all the help and advice you need. Experienced hairdressers will take their work very seriously, and you will be their number one priority. You’ll leave feeling that you’ve got the best haircut for men ever!