How Does Non-Surgical Hair Replacement Work?

Hair loss can be caused by a number of different reasons – there just isn’t one defined cause. Factors include genes, age, and stress – but whatever the reason the excess shedding of hair can be responsible for the loss of confidence and self-esteem, anxiety, and depression. Through cutting-edge technology, there’s a way to replace hair without invasive surgery. What is non-surgical hair replacement? This frequently asked question can be answered with the following information…

The Systems

Men’s non-surgical hair replacement is carried out using 100% human hair – a membrane will be applied to the scalp filled with natural hair. Unique hair systems are made of a breathable, micro-thin artificial skin, and the entire system is gently bonded to the bald scalp – the hairline is invisible at the front. There are three attachment methods used widely – glue, tape, and clips. These are all medically recommended.

Getting the correct colour with the right cut is essential – and you’ll be able to play sports, swim, and shower as normal. Depending on your lifestyle and how you look after your system it can last for up to 13 weeks – you’ll need to visit your salon for a refit approximately every four weeks. Prolonging the life can be helped by using sulphate free shampoos and conditioners.

Women’s hair replacement systems are designed to focus on top of the head on the receding line, or anywhere hair is missing from. You’ll be provided with a perfectly natural front hairline, age-appropriate density, and the scalp will appear normal and visible when the hair is parted. The exact match will be found for your colour, texture, and curl and hair is integrated perfectly – looking and feeling just like your natural hair.

How does non-surgical hair replacement work? This state of the art hair loss solution is designed to provide a seamless transition between your own hair and added hair – and is capable of replacing hair in any area of the scalp, recreating a totally natural hairline and look. Today’s replacement systems are feather light, cool, and breathable – totally natural to the eye and touch.

The Advantages

The great thing about these procedures is the instant results! You don’t need to wait for hours or have a series of operations to make a difference. There’s no pain or discomfort, and no recovery time. There’s also no risk of scarring or infection as the treatment is totally non-invasive. There’s no donor area required – and success isn’t dependant on the texture and pattern of donor hair.

The Drawbacks

Non-surgical hair replacement disadvantages include the possibility that the membrane will wear and need replacing – and specific products may need to be purchased to maintain the membrane. You should bear in mind that although you may get up to 13 weeks of continuous wear, the procedure will need to be re-done at regular intervals. Non-surgical hair procedures can’t regrow your hair.

Salon Hair Replacement Systems

Non-surgical hair replacement London specialists can be found at Cochrane & Co – experienced hair stylists take their work very seriously and are proud to be providers of advanced, non-surgical hair replacement technology.

You’ll be provided with all the help, advice, and support you need from friendly and understanding master stylists – delivering authentic and unique styles in place of baldness and hair loss.