Why Your Ego is Holding You Back From Hair Replacement

Hair loss, especially hair loss that starts at a young age can have devastating effects on self-esteem. A full, healthy head of hair is associated with youth, vigour, and for men at least virility. For women, hair is ‘the crowning glory’ and while a hairline that recedes at a young age is more common in men, female pattern baldness can be particularly destructive to self-regard.

Studies show that depression, insecurity and less confidence about social interactions are all more common in individuals with hair loss. Worse yet, it appears that these psychological effects can have an impact on both personal and work life. Loss of confidence leads to loss of self-belief, leads to less success.

Why People are Reluctant to Address the Problem

female hair loss struggleThere are a few individuals whose sense of self-worth is less rooted in appearance than most people and they really don’t care about their thinning hair, they’re in the minority, however. Why is it so many of those who do experience negative emotional effects choose to suffer in silence? There are probably two major reasons.

The first is the common phenomenon of denial, basically a hope that if you ignore a problem it will go away. The second reason that holds people back from investigating hair replacement systems may actually be ego! We all know that ‘beauty is only skin deep’, that we should value people for their personal qualities, not their appearance. Worst of all, over the years, men or women who’ve invested in poor quality wigs or toupees have been dismissed as slaves to vanity and often been the subject of ridicule.

It Doesn’t Have to Be That Way

Denial is a common psychological response, but it’s rarely a healthy one. And while it’s all well and good to know that we ought not to care about physical appearance, the reality is that most of us do.

Most importantly of all, the choices available today are not confined to the duality of accepting baldness or wearing a bad wig. Modern hair systems can be perfectly matched with hair colour, density, and growth pattern. The lace cap which supports a hair replacement is so thin that it’s practically invisible and undetectable.

Taking that Step

If you’re considering a non-surgical hair replacement in London the first step is to contact a quality salon such as Cochrane & Co that specialises in offering a professional service for people who’ve decided not to passively accept their hair loss. You can expect to meet supportive experts who offer the highest standards of customer care. The vast majority of people who opt for hair systems report that they’re delighted they did so and that it has multiple positive effects it has on their life. So if your thinning hair is making you unhappy, it’s time to do something about it.