How Does Non Surgical Hair Replacement Work With Alopecia?

Would non surgical hair replacement hide bald spots?

No side effects. No surgery. Turning back the clock to a time when hair loss was a thing for other people.

Non surgical hair replacement certainly seems like the best option when it comes to dealing with hair loss or bald patches. In fact, out of the many hair replacement alternatives out there, modern full replacement systems could be said to be leading the fight against female and male pattern baldness and Alopecia areata.

But are there any disadvantages?

What is a hair replacement system?

First and foremost, a hair replacement system is not a wig.

Imagine an incredibly thin layer of artificial skin (more on this in a moment) that is semi-permanently bonded to your scalp. In this skin, natural human hair that matches your original colour and thickness has been implanted.

One of the advantages of this system is that the hair is joined to your scalp invisibly. Once it is, you can treat it exactly like your normal hair. Style it. Cut it. Colour it. Wash it. Care for it. It’s just like having your natural hair back.

If you live an active lifestyle, playing sports and going to the gym won’t be a problem. There’s no risk of it flying off in the wind like some old fashioned toupee.

What exactly is this artificial skin made from?

The artificial skin that your particular hair replacement system uses will depend on the quality and cost of the system in question. The best are micro-thin, matched to the colour of your skin, and bonded to your head with an agent that only needs replacing once every month or two.

The skin is so thin that it lets any sweat or water reach your skin normally, and there are no side effects like excess sweating, or discomforts like itching.

Regular Concerns About Hair Replacement Alternatives

1) The hairline join

The area that most people worry about is what they imagine to be the noticeable join between the artificial base and their forehead. With modern systems though, this isn’t a problem:

Because the artificial skin layer is colour-matched and so thin as to be almost transparent, there is no noticeable join. No matter how close someone gets to you…

Non Surgical Hair Replacement

2) Suddenly sprouting a full head of hair!

Going from zero to full head of hair overnight is going to be glaringly obvious to everyone that knows you. For those who can’t do what many celebrities who’ve had hair transplants have done and become recluses for length periods, a more gradual approach is sometimes better.

Because you can order your hair replacement system in whatever fashion you choose, why not gradually add fuller, thicker hair to your system as and when you get it replaced each time?

This way you’ll have a more relaxed journey back to a confident, full length do.

Does non surgical hair replacement hide bald spots?

Yes. Because most non surgical hair replacement systems cover the entire scalp, bald patches caused by alopecia areata – or by any other source – are completely concealed.

The only disadvantage with the most modern replacement solutions is that they need replacing every so often. But as that’s less regularly than most people get a haircut, a short, pain-free procedure every couple of months seems a small price to pay for the confidence to be yourself.