What Is Non-Surgical Hair Replacement?

Hair loss can have a devastating effect on your everyday life, causing stress, anxiety, and emotional distress. These negative feelings can impact greatly on social and business worlds, and the desire for an immediate solution is the right way to go. Surgical options may not be your choice, so non-surgical hair restoration could be the answer. So, what is non-surgical hair replacement? Take a look…

Reasons for Hair Loss

There are many explanations as to why we lose our hair and these include:

Non-Surgical Hair Replacement – The Facts

As technology advances high end hair systems are often custom made with the aid of pure human hair. A membrane will be carefully applied to the scalp with modern bonding materials to secure it, and the hair will be matched to your existing hair in terms of texture and colour, making the replacement piece virtually invisible.

Getting the right colour is essential to achieve a natural and believable look, so the right shade will be chosen for you from a range of solutions. If you colour your hair normally then you’ll need a colour touch-up about every four weeks. The hair replacement systems last about for eight weeks depending on factors such as how often you exercise, and your diet and medication. If you’re advised how to remove the system and put it back on this can add extra weeks.

You can style your hair anyway you like – there’ll be a little lip at the front of the scalp that you’ll soon get used to, but other than that the hair feels absolutely normal. Hair systems don’t fade unless you spend an excessive amount of time in the sun or use a shampoo containing salt. Sulphate-free hair products are recommended as they prevent fading.

Other types of non-surgical hair replacement include using synthetic or human hair to make very natural looking wigs, or through the administration of topical or oral drugs – these are not quite so effective but can still help with baldness.

Non-surgical hair replacement advantages

– Results are seen instantly

– Not noticeable even close up!

– You can resume a normal lifestyle immediately

– No discomfort or pain during the treatment

– No recovery time needed

– No infection or scarring experienced

– No complications or side effects

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Any disadvantages?

* Membranes will need replacing

* Regular trims and maintenance mean this isn’t a one-time investment

* You’ll need to re-visit your surgery clinic

Approved providers of Non-Surgical Hair Replacement

Cochrane & Co use the world’s leading products for hair replacement systems London. The salon specialises in gently bonding the breathable micro-thin skin implanted with the highest grade of human hair to the scalp. It can be cut and styled however you want it, and you’ll be able to swim, shower, and play sports as normal. With the proper aftercare, the system can stay in place for up to 13 weeks!