Hair Replacement FAQs

FAQs About Hair Replacement Systems at Cochrane & Co Salon London

At Cochrane & Co Hair Replacement in London, we combine immaculate hairdressing with a keen eye for style and will work with you to create the perfect look with your hair replacement system. Check out our video opposite where Paul Cochrane explains what you should look out for when choosing a hair replacement salon. You can also find lots of frequently asked questions about hair replacement below.

If you would like further information or are interested in booking a hair replacement system please call us on 020 7405 7797.

How often do I need to refit my hair piece


Depending on your lifestyle, we would recommend a refit of your hair system every 2-6 weeks.

More active people may need to remove, cleanse and refit the system more often. You can come into the salon for this service or our experts can show you how to do this yourself at home. 

What shampoo & conditioner should I use?


We advise you to use shampoos and conditioners without sulphate. We offer a range of NAK sulphate-free shampoos and conditioners in the salon.

Will my hair system stay on during physical activity?


Yes, your hair system will stay in place as long as it is correctly bonded down.

Many of our clients live very active lifestyles from being in the army, police force, sports people, dancers, performers, swimmers and footballers.

Can people tell I am wearing a hair replacement system?


Providing your replacement hair is prepared and fitted by a specialist, no-one should be able to tell you are wearing a Hair Replacement System. Hair colour, texture, density and curl are all carefully matched so that the only person who’ll know about it is you. This holds true even if you’re a very active person and do lots of sports. You can swim, run, and be as active as you want to be, in the confidence that your hair won’t let you down.

What if I don't like my new hair?


We will carry out a thorough consultation beforehand to try and avoid any issues.  However, if you do not like your new hair or hairstyle, do not worry.  We are here to make it work for you.  We can take it off and restyle it until you like the way your new hair looks.

What's the difference between surgical & non-surgical hair replacement?


Surgical hair replacement involves transplanting hair into your scalp. It’s the right solution for some people but comes with the usual downsides associated with any sort of surgery, infection risk, a degree of discomfort and so on. Non-surgical hair replacement is non-invasive, comes with no risk of complications and is suitable for anyone, regardless of the reason for their hair loss.

Can I wear my hair replacement system in bed?


Yes, you can wear your hair replacement while sleeping, showering, swimming and exercising.  Just go about your daily business.  We've even had clients have 'intimate moments' and no-one has yet come back to tell us of any embarrassing moments or issues while wearing their hair replacement system. 

Will my hair cope with the roof down on my convertible?


No problem at all. We’ve had people bungee jumping, scuba diving, free diving, honeymooning in Thailand and Bangladesh and there was no problem whatsoever. So owning a convertible and going for a drive in the sun and the roof down is no issue whatsoever as long as the bond is secure.

Can I have long hair with a hair replacement system?


Standard systems are about 6 inches long, so you can achieve up to a good mid-length haircut.

For longer styles you can order a custom system of up to around 12 inches long hair, althought this takes much longer to arrive and they are significantly more expensive systems. We will discuss your requirements at your Hair System Consultation and provide a detailed quote for longer hair.