Hairstyles For Men According To Face Shapes

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Determining your face shape is the best way to get a hairstyle to suit you. You can do this with a soft tape measure – measure across the widest part of your forehead, and from cheekbone to cheekbone. Follow that with a measurement from your hairline to your chin down the middle of your face.

Comparing these two measurements – the widest will be your face width – with the length measurement will help you determine the face shape that you best resemble. See some hairstyles for men according to their face here…

Key Face Shapes

There are six basic categories – one of which your face will fit into. These are:

  • Round – fullness below the cheekbones and soft angles where the face curves slightly outwards.
  • Oval – this face-shape is slightly longer than it is wide – similar to the shape of an egg.
  • Heart – the forehead is quite prominent tapering down into a slightly pointed chin which is the smallest point of the face.
  • Square – with a pronounced wide jawline this face-shape has minimal curves with straight sides.
  • Diamond – this shape is wide in the middle and pointed towards the chin and forehead.
  • Rectangle – defined by a drawn-out slim face with straight sides, with a width varying little from top to bottom.

Best Haircuts

  • Round – opt for a cut that’s shorter on the sides and longer on the top to add some definition and balance, creating the illusion of structure – ideal if you have a receding hairline.
  • Oval – haircuts for oval faces include wearing your hair off the forehead to create some angles and volume on top, and avoiding a forward fringe.
  • Heart – a medium-length swept cut is safe and can be kept reasonably thin and light to soften the strong forehead, avoiding tight cuts that accentuate the narrowness of the chin.
  • Square – this shape is versatile enough for most styles from extremely short to long, with classic neat haircuts, side partings, and short layers to complement.
  • Diamond – this face-shape needs a style that adds width to the chin and forehead area with fringes working well, and layers and lines to soften the natural angles.
  • Rectangle – it’s important to get a well-proportioned style that doesn’t leave too much length on top or take the sides too short, letting the hair fall across the forehead to add width.

Talk to the Experts

What hairstyle suits me? When you visit a reputable hair salon such as Cochrane & Co, you’ll get your answer from professional hair stylists. And a haircut that meets all of your needs, and suits your face shape perfectly. Your experienced stylist will listen to you and provide you with a unique cut that makes you look and feel great.

If you’re dealing with hair loss in any form, you’ll be advised on types of hair replacement systems. Advanced non-invasive technology will ensure a comfortable and authentic solution if you’re suffering from an autoimmune disorder or struggling with other hair loss issues.

You’ll get friendly support from understanding and highly trained stylists giving you a natural look that offers a whole range of styling options. All suitable for your individual face shape.

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