How To Groom Your Hair System?

Today’s hair pieces for men are natural. By using a professional hairdresser you’ll be able to get the latest trends in hairstyle. And the hair treatments you need to keep feeling confident and looking great.

Bespoke hair systems are designed to suit you. And that includes getting the thickness, length, and colour matched to perfection. As well as the hair system density. Want to learn how to groom your hair system? Read on…

Styling Options

Short and Smooth

Get all the advice you need from your experienced hair stylist. This style is suitable for men with pattern baldness as the cut can cover the areas without any hair. And once the system is positioned it will blend naturally with the rest of the hair. Adding paste or wax will provide a clean look.

Hair grooming can be continued at home with combs or brushes designed specifically for hair systems. You’ll be able to shape your system as you like and keep it in place with a hair system hair spray. Colour-correcting shampoos are also helpful when your hair system starts to lose its colour.

Long and Curly

The volume of this style makes it easy to hide bald spots. And you can even style it into a man bun. One of the most popular trends of the last few years. Your styling products will need to include wax, oils, and hairspray so that you can choose the type that suits you.

With longer hair, you can use hair dryers and styling tools to get the desired effect. And you can add accessories to set a creative scene!

Classic Sleek

Ideal for medium-length cuts. And for men with balding or thinning hair. This classic style can grow longer and still look clean. And it’s also easy to maintain. Choose from a natural fall to the side, or a sleekback for a sharper look.

You can simply maintain this length of hair system by:

  • Properly shampooing – once or twice a week using a gentle patting motion without sulphate that helps prolong the life of the system.
  • Avoid tangling – use a wide-toothed comb in the shower to prevent hair strands from intertwining.
  • Condition regularly – try applying leave-in conditioners.
  • Use UV protecting products – to block out harmful rays.

Stylist Support

Finding professional stylists who understand how you feel about your hair loss is essential. Trusted salons will offer consultations so that you can discuss your needs. And when you get your first fitting, you’ll also be given tips on ongoing care and maintenance. With proper care, your hair replacement system can last between 13 to 15 weeks.

Before your hair is cut the bonding system will be checked to ensure it remains in place. Initially, the hair will be left slightly longer to allow for future adjustments.

From scissor cuts to calligraphy razor styles, you’ll get hair crafted to suit you. The top and front of the hair system will be cut identically to naturally growing hair. Your hair will be texturised and thinned. Ensuring a natural end result. And leaving you with a style to inspire and delight you.

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