Hi I’m Ryan Fox and I act as the Business Manager for Cochrane & Co Hair Replacement in London.

I spent 6 years working for Wella UK as a Business Education Consultant and have been working as an independent Salon Management Consultant since 2007, helping salons to develop and grow.

I’ve been working with Paul and the team since 2008 in the background, but more recently I took on a more hands-on role managing all the business aspects of the company which covers reception management, hair system and product orders, marketing, client service, finance, IT and communication systems.

I often deal with client queries, ensure everyone is booked in correctly and that everyone has the correct hair system in stock on time for them.

I love organising and taking care of the business side of the salon, making sure everything runs smoothly. I’m Paul’s right-hand man, unless he’s busy with both hands (which he often is) and then I’m his left and right.

I fill in the gaps and do all that admin stuff that salon owners and stylists often don’t like doing, allowing them to focus on their clients and delivering excellent client care.

I’ve become passionate about men’s hair systems and am constantly learning new things about them as we push the boundaries of what’s possible in this specialist and fascinating area. I love that we can transform how someone looks so instantly and how it can help boost their confidence and self-esteem to enable them to be the best version of themselves. It’s very rewarding.