Styling Your Hair Replacement System

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You can turn a good hair day into a great hair day with the right haircut and styling products!  We build a consultation into every hair appointment at Cochrane & Co in London so we can make sure we fully meet your needs.

We love fitting, cutting and styling gents' hair replacement systems and can also create great hairstyles for natural hair.  Contact us on 020 7405 7797 to book a consultation or book your hair appointment online

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Styling Your Hair Replacement System

Whether you're styling your natural hair or a hair replacement system, it's good to know you can change up your hairstyle if you need to.  All you need is the right hair styling products and a little know-how - which our professional London hairdressers are happy to share with you.

We can give you styling tips and recommend the best products for your hair type and texture to ensure it looks great long after you've left our Holborn salon.  We use some great men's hair products from the NAK Barber range, a plant-based collection that can take you from the bike to the boardroom in minutes.

When it comes to styling, we can create a wide range of looks for hair replacement systems from texturised hair, slicked-back looks, well-groomed hair that is professionally blow-dried... or something else entirely!


Styling Your Hair Replacement System at Cochrane & Co Salon in London Holborn
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Washing Your Hair Replacement System

We recommend you wash your new hair system no more than once a week (showering while wearing your hair system is absolutely fine).

When you wash your new hair, make sure you use the recommended sulphate-free shampoo as this is kinder to the system and helps to keep the hair colour vibrant.  Wash your hair system in warm water and be gentle when working in the shampoo.  

Rinse the hair system carefully before applying conditioner and gently rub into your hair.  Rinse again and gently towel dry with a patting motion (no vigorous rubbing).  Then gently dry the hair system with a hair dryer as soon as possible. When your system is completely dry, you can re-attach any areas that may have lifted.


Reducing Male Hair Loss

The reasons many men lose their hair are varied and range from poor nutrition to natural hormone levels, hereditary hair loss and alopecia. While hair loss is inevitable for some, sometimes it is possible to slow it down.

Drinking alcohol and smoking can affect hair growth.  Brushing your hair while wet can cause hair breakage, while harsh shampoos and heated appliances can result in fragile and brittle hair. Tightly braided hairstyles can stress your follicles and result in bald patches, and try to avoid a build-up of sweat if you have to wear a helmet or other headgear.   

If you are suffering from hair loss, we can help.  If you are not yet ready for a hair replacement system from Cochrane & Co in London, we can explore a new hairstyle or the right haircare and styling products to disguise hair loss.  More hair loss tips.

How To Reduce Male Hair Loss at London Hair Replacement Salon

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The styling team at Cochrane & Co Hairdressers & Barbers in Holborn can create a wide range of haircuts, hairstyles and hair colours.  We also offer some of the best men's hair replacement systems in the UK - ensuring your hair piece looks and feels completely natural and stylish.  Book a consultation or appointment today by calling 020 7405 7797 or book online