Can Salt Water Damage Your Hair Loss Replacement System?

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Premature and excessive hair loss can be caused by many factors. From hereditary conditions to medical issues, male pattern baldness and acute stress. Now it seems that the quality of your water can also affect hair.

Hard water hair loss is becoming more noticeable – the water contains large amounts of silica, magnesium, and calcium – leading to breakage, scalp disorders, and thinning of hair.
Hair replacement systems continue to be the perfect answer to many hair loss problems. As there are certain types of water that can possibly impair the system there are some questions that need answering. For example, can salt water damage your hair replacement system? Read on…

Water Types

Salt water left in your hair replacement system can leave the hair brittle and dry. Swimming in the sea is one of the causes of over-exposure to salty water.
You’ll need to rinse the salt out of your system and follow up with a deep conditioning technique.

Chlorine is known to damage the hair used in hair replacement systems. Chlorinated water is excessively alkaline and damages hair shaft – increasing the chances of tangling, which then leads to hair being over combed when de-tangling. Regular exposure to chlorine can make the hair extremely dry.

Hair system cleaning after pool swimming is essential. Rinse your hair system immediately afterwards, followed by a gentle shampoo and recommended conditioner.

Groundwater found in rural areas without freshwater sources contains iron and magnesium – and can contribute to thinning hair.
Rainwater in theory should be good for your hair, but harmful pollutants make the water acidic and toxic – weakening strands and causing breakage.

The good news is you can still swim but just remember to rinse it afterwards.

Hair System Essentials

Whatever type of water your hair system has been subject to there are guidelines to help you clean and maintain it:

  • Shampooing – just once a week. Spread the shampoo evenly over your hair system without scrubbing. Use gentle pressure with your fingertips. Then rinse in one direction to avoid tangles.
  • Conditioning – you can use a leave-in conditioner such as Sentoo Spray if you prefer which you can do this on a daily basis to maintain the shine.
  • Brushing – use a soft boar-bristle brush or a wide-toothed comb to avoid putting pressure on any tangles. Brushing gently every day will extend the lifespan of your system.
  • Sleeping – make sure hair is dry before you go to bed as this prevents any matting of the system. Constant friction from pillows can damage the system so opt for silk or satin pillowcases.
  • No DIY bleaching – as chemicals can result in damage to your hair system you shouldn’t chemically treat your hair yourself. Leave this to the experts – there’s a range of advanced colouring services on offer for when you want to get creative.

A salon secret is to oil the hair twice a day, morning and night. It keeps hair moist and reduces tangles.

Professional Hair Loss Help & Advice at Cochrane & Co London

The experienced hair stylists from Cochrane & Co will listen to all of your concerns regarding hair replacement systems, and offer their expertise and support. An initial consultation will answer any questions. And following your fitting you’ll be given care and maintenance advice. You’ll leave the salon looking and feeling fantastic!