How Do Hair Replacement Systems Work?

Modern hair replacement systems will give you back a full head of hair. The time for which the hair remains in place depends on the technique used – surgical or non-surgical.

A common misconception about hair treatments is that they’re all surgical and invasive. This is not the case. Famous examples of surgical hair treatments include footballer Wayne Rooney and actor James Nesbitt.

But these are highly expensive, permanent solutions that cannot be afforded by the general public.

In this article we’ll tell you all there is to know about realistically priced non-surgical hair treatments for men.

What Are The Differences Between Non-Surgical and Surgical Hair Replacement Treatments?

Some of the most popular non-surgical hair loss treatments available today involve the use of ultra-thin artificial skin combined with real human hair.

Surgical hair treatments are much more expensive and entail moving ‘donor’ hairs from one area of your head to the bald area. There are only a limited number of hairs that can be used as donors.

And therefore if the process is not successful the first time, you’ll only have one or two more attempts after the fact. This is why non-surgical solutions are generally preferred by the public.

How Exactly Are Non-Surgical Hair Replacement Systems Applied?

An incredibly thin layer of artificial skin will be carefully moulded to the bald area of your scalp. In this skin is very strong human hair. Take note, if it is properly applied by an appropriately skilled expert the system will stay in place for up to seven weeks.

Remember, the piece will never need to be removed during this period.

Who Is The Non-surgical Treatment Suitable For?

For all men with hair loss. This includes sufferers of Male Pattern Baldness and Alopecia.

Will I Be Able To Play Sports Like Normal After The Procedure?

Yes. In fact, you can live your life exactly as you would have before. These non-surgical hair treatments are designed to withstand even the most robust and active of lifestyles.

This includes swimming, strenuous exercises, and much more. You can also wash in the shower without fear of affecting your new hair piece.

Can The New Hair Be Cut and Styled How I Want?

Absolutely. The new hairpiece will be coloured to exactly match the hair that surrounds it. This means you’ll look completely natural. Furthermore, the hair on the artificial skin can be cut to your exact specifications.

Will I Get Advice and Support Over The 13 Week Period The Hair Piece Lasts?

Of course. All you need to do is find the right provider. Then you can call them at any point to ask them for advice in caring for your new hair.

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