How To Tell If Your Hair Is Dry Or Damaged

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The appearance and texture of your hair when dry or damaged is typically frizzy, dull, and feeling brittle. But there is a difference in the reasons for dry or damaged hair and distinct solutions for each.

Look at the causes and the treatments here…

How to tell if your hair is dry or damaged

There is a hair strand test that you can do to confirm that your hair is dry or damaged. Simply take a strand of wet hair from your head and pinch each end with your fingers before gently pulling it. If your hair stretches and returns to its normal length it's nice and healthy. If it stretches but stays the same length it’s dry, and if it stretches a little and then breaks it’s damaged and lacking protein.

Dry hair causes

From using heated appliances to weather and central heating dry hair can be caused in many ways. Dry hair can also be natural to your hair type, particularly if you have coarse and curly hair which can be more difficult to moisturise from roots to ends.

Research has shown that thyroid dysfunction can negatively affect hair growth and lead to brittle and dry hair. And certain hair products may contain harsh ingredients such as propyl alcohol that can dry out your hair.

Dry hair treatments

Dry hair solutions include plenty of hydration to deliver fast moisture and nourishment to hair strands. Nutriplenish shampoos hydrate hair nourishing omega-rich oils resulting in smoother healthy hair. Deep conditioners with avocado oil rich in vitamins A, D, and E, and anti-frizz with tamarind extract will quickly work to restore natural moisture content.

Damaged hair causes

A lot of damaged hair is due to chemicals used by chemically treating your hair or dying your hair when bleaching is involved. These processes can cause breakage to the layers of the hair strand that protect the cuticle resulting in damage to the hair shaft. 

Damaged hair treatments

The solution required here is to replenish hair with fatty acids and proteins and strengthen the hair by supporting the structural integrity to improve sheen and texture. Use thermal protection products to shield against heat damage and colour protection to help promote maintenance of the hair surface and cuticle whilst safeguarding against oxidative damage.

Dry and damaged hair

Dry damaged hair is a combination of all of the above! The best treatment for dry and damaged hair is to focus on the damage first so hair is in better condition to lock in moisture.

A dry and damage remedy shampoo and conditioner followed by a daily hair repair product will help protect against further damage whilst instantly improving the look of your hair. Very damaged hair needs a break from the cycle of regular blow-drying and constant heat to allow it time to repair.

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