Your Top 5 Hair Replacement Questions Answered

If you're distressed by thinning hair and considering doing something about it, you're bound to have a lot of questions. Here you'll find answers to the most frequently asked questions about hair replacement.

The Top 5 Hair Replacement Questions Answered

Q 1. What's the difference between surgical and non surgical hair replacement

A. Surgical hair replacement involves transplanting hair into your scalp. It's the right solution for some people but comes with the usual downsides associated with any sort of surgery, infection risk, a degree of discomfort and so on. Non-surgical hair replacement is non-invasive, comes with no risk of complications and is suitable for anyone, regardless of the reason for their hair loss.

Q 2. My hair is thinning, and I don't want surgery, what's the best option?

A. It sounds as if you're looking for a non surgical hair replacement. The good news is that hair replacement systems have moved on a lot since the outdated wigs and toupees of your parents' days. Modern hair replacements are fixed so you can shower in them, sleep in them, and style them exactly as you would your own hair.

Q 3. Is replacement hair noticeable?

A. Providing your replacement hair is prepared and fitted by a specialist, no. Colour, texture, density and curl are all carefully matched so that the only person who'll know about it is you. This holds true even if you're a very active person and do lots of sports.You can swim, run, and be as active as you want to be, in the certain confidence that your hair won't let you down.

Q 4. Are there any limits to what kind of styles I can have?

A. No. You can cut, comb or style your hair however you like. You can even comb your hair straight back and your replacement will still be indistinguishable from your own hair.

Q 5. Where can I get a hair replacement done?

A. You'll find qualified and professional hairstylists and salons offering non surgical hair replacement in London, Paris, New York or just about any major city in the developed world. Do your research before deciding to go ahead with any treatment. If the salon you're considering using has a website, check it out. It's also quite reasonable to book a consultation to discuss what you need. Real professionals will want you to be feeling relaxed and confident before you make any decision so ask as many questions as you need to.